Sovereign Hill is in the historical town of Ballarat, approximately one hour from the Melbourne CBD.

Sovereign Hill

Sovereign Hill allows visitors to experience a ‘blast from the past’, uncovering the tricks and trades behind the famous gold rush era dating back as early as 1850.

Throughout your day at Sovereign Hill, there are many activities on offer which replicate the goldrush era, including gold panning, a guided tour of the Red Hill Mine, wheel making, musket firing, candle dipping, gold making, and candle dipping (just to name a few). The region also plays host to several gift shops and a gold museum for eager onlookers. Sovereign Hill certainly provides greater insight into the rich and proud history of Ballarat throughout the early 1850’s.

Sovereign Hill holds a pretty legendary status in the hearts of Victorian (and Australian) travellers, so what is it about this living period piece that makes it such a fun and unique place to visit?

Gold panning

This is one of the funniest things for kids (and adults) to do when at the joyful Sovereign Hill. Grab your digging licence, pick up your pan and head out of the diggings where you just might find your own piece of something shiny and golden! There are experienced diggers on-hand to provide you with useful tips on how you can strike it big, and, of course, you get to keep your little share of the earth if you chance upon some…

Meet the butcher

The diet of the diggings was pretty monotonous: damper and mutton. Whilst that does sound pretty tasty, it wasn’t the most varied source of nutrition. But you know who doesn’t care about this? The digging’s butcher, of course! You have the chance to meet the man who makes the money out of digging meals, as he regales tales of life on the hill and the meat he sells.

Pol the Sly Grog Seller

As you can probably tell, there were many ways to earn your keep on the goldfields, certainly not limited to striking it big with a giant nugget! Pol the Sly Grog Seller will be more than happy to tell you all about this as she tells stories of her nefarious profession.

Just keep a lookout for the troopers, although they will probably be busy at your next stop…

Trooper musket firing demonstrations

Ever wanted to see 19th Century ammunition in action? Well, at Sovereign Hill this is entirely possible! Cover your eyes and watch as the local troopers practise their skills with these antiquated weapons – just don’t rat Pol out to them when you get there!

Honourable mentions

These are just three of a huge wealth of incredibly fun activities that take place at the wondrous Sovereign Hill. Your itinerary there will be complete with the likes of nine-pin bowling, gold pouring demonstrations, wheel-making demonstrations, Redcoat Soldier demonstrations and so much more.

Heading out to Sovereign Hill is a truly golden opportunity to see the mineral that made Melbourne the richest city in the world at one point, and is just a joyous occasion for all the family…

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