Things to Do in Phillip Island

Phillip Island is best known for its cute parade of penguins. Each evening, the critters waddle their way up the beach to bed down for the night, carving their way through an audience of rapt onlookers.

But it is not just these birds that bring the visitors to the Island. In fact, there is a menu of goods on offer, including sweeping beaches that look like they’ve stepped out of a storybook, a large seal colony, expansive wetlands, and several other animal encounters that can’t be described as a parade. For years, Phillip Island has cultivated a dedicated farming community, which means there are plenty of delicious farm shops serving local goods, and sprawling scenery that seems to endless stretch from one side of the island to the other. There’s a cultural element to the proceedings as well, where the traditional Boonwurrung people’s heritage still remains imbued in the sand, soil, and sun.

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