Things to Do in Phillip Island

Boasting outstanding coastal scenery and an abundant amount of wildlife, Phillip Island is a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. Just a short drive from Melbourne City, Phillip island is perfect for a one-day adventure or a weekend getaway. Although most are lured to the region for the famous Little Penguins, most will fall in love with the island while visiting the other attractions on offer.

  • Penguin Parade

    It is no doubt the number one attraction within Phillip Island, with travellers from all over the world trekking to this one tourist hotspot! The Penguin parade is an eco-friendly tourism sight which offers the chance to see the smallest penguin in existence, perfectly named the ‘Little Penguin’. This facility is one of the only ways to get up close and personal with these cute little creatures in the wild, with the entire venue built around the penguins nesting region. Park yourself at the state-of-the-art viewing platforms and marvel at these cute creatures waddling up to shore to make their way to their beach nests for the night.

  • Woolamai Beach

    If you are interested in sandy beaches and pristine waters, Phillip Island’s Golden Shore, Woolamai Beach is a great stopover. The Island’s longest beach, the waves are picture-perfect for surfers and boogie boarders, being named a national surfing reserve. If you are just into the ocean views, there are numerous walking trails nearby which can get you up high up the rocky cliffs.

  • Nobbies

    Marvel at the natural scenery Phillip Island has to offer at Nobbies Information Centre. This centre is located on a cliff, guaranteeing a breathtaking sight for visitors. You can learn about the history of the Phillip Island and the animals surrounding the centre. Even catch sight of these animals by bird watching trails and spotting the Seal colonies frolic and relax along the sea rocks.

  • Phillip Island’s Grand Prix Circuit

    For the adrenaline junkies, you can visit the Grand Prix circuit on Phillip Island. Dating back to 1956, this track is still one of the most important tracks for the Grand Prix World races. If you want to get behind the wheel yourself, you can go karting, and whizz around the replica circuit. To really get a feel of being a real racer, try out the hot lap. This spurs you around the circuit at the same speed as a professional racer, guaranteeing your heart to start pumping fast and furiously.

  • San Remo

    Tuck in to some delicious lunch at San Remo, a fishing village along the way to Phillip Island. This hidden gem offers delicious fresh seafood while taking in the fishing boats and quaint beachy lifestyle.

  • Koala Conservation Centre

    When travelling to Australia, seeing a koala up close and personal is undoubtably on your bucket-list! Phillip Island’s Koala Conservation Centre gives visitors the chance to marvel at cute koalas in their natural habitat. Featuring a series of raised boardwalks, folk can stroll above the bushland’s canopies and come face to face with the koalas resting in the high trees.

  • Maru Wildlife Park

    If you are looking for a day jammed packed with wildlife, Maru Wildlife Park offers a great place to see the beloved Australian animals. This family-owned park is a great place to adventure to if you are looking for a more hands-on animal interaction, as they offer daily activities with the animals. After seeing all the animals, you can unwind at the Mini-Golf Adventure course in the grounds, perfect for families with young children.

Overall, Phillip Island is an essential attraction when visiting Victoria, as a day full of wildlife, beautiful scenery, racing, and delicious seafood is well worth the short drive from Melbourne.