Activities in Mount Buller

Interested in the snow this winter? Mount Buller is the place to go when visiting Victoria in the colder months. Whether you are a snow expert or a first-timer, Mount Buller is suitable for any kind of visitor.

The snowy wonderland sits high on the mountains and is home too many cosy lodges, luxury hotels, and cafes, bars and restaurants. With over 300 hectares of snow fields, Mount Buller offers a diverse range of slopes at all different levels of difficulty. As well as providing plenty of opportunities to explore the mountain either by skiing, boarding or just walking.

The history of this land spans back thousands of years, with both indigenous and European settlers mixed in. The indigenous Taungurung people have been at Mount Buller for more than 2000 generations. As the land is rich in resources, including rivers and other water sources, giving the Taungurung people an abundance of fish and other Australian animals living in this area. European settlers discover this area in the 1830s, but the town was not established until 1851.

Although you don’t have to be a skier or snow boarder to enjoy Mount Buller, there are excellent happenings for these two activities. Have no fear if you are a first timer on the sticks as there are beginner lessons offered to those interested in learning. Get the swing of things and soon you will glide through the snow in no time.

To get around the slopes, you best bet is to grab lift passes. The slopes are always easier to speed down compared to the arduous trek back up dragging all your heavy equipment with you. Lift passes allow you to relax on your journey up the mountain, marvelling at the scenery as you’re a carried high above the tress. Depending on what level of skill you have will depend on which lifts you may need, passes can include an unlimited sightseeing pass or just a 6-beginner lift pass.

Worried about paying a truck load for snow gear? Don’t bother buying but rent your equipment and clothes for the day! This is a much cheaper and efficient way to get what you need for the day. Skis, boards, boots and helmets are all available in any size needed. Snow clothes including pants and jackets are offered for both adults and children and are much better waterproof alternative compared to just warm clothes.

Haven’t had enough? Why not stay the night at one of Mount Buller’s renowned accommodations? Meet your tour bus on an alternative day so you can discover more of what Mount Buller has to offer.

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