Spanning back centuries to the lucrative gold rush, Ballarat has blossomed into a bustling city centre that harks back to its Victorian days through grand architecture and intricate nuances. For most visitors, it is mandatory to hotfoot it to Sovereign Hill, a gold-mining village recreated that promises an insight into times-gone-by. Elsewhere around town, museums bring the past into the present and traditional restaurants provide hearty fuel.

Set in the heart of the Goldfields (a name that stems from its shiny, expensive past), Ballarat is surrounded by spectacular scenery. Here, history, nature, and culture collide to bring visitors a sparkling glimpse into Victoria’s regional heart. Bendigo, Castlemaine, Maldon, and Kyneton make up the remainder of the region, proffering a unique collection of landscapes characterized by lush forests, red earth, and picturesque orchards. It is the ideal area to explore if you’re looking for a hearty dose of wine, food, and exceptional scenery.

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