Much of the coastline along the Great Ocean Road is viewed from lookouts above sea level, atop the vast cliffs. When you take the Gibson Steps down to the beach below, you are standing amongst the cliffs. It is here you can truly appreciate their size and beauty.

The steps were carved into the cliff by High Gibson. When the tide and ocean permits, curious travellers can make their way to the beach below. From here, two large stacks known by the locals as Gog and Magog are clearly visible directly off the coast.

These stacks are impressive, but they are not part of the 12 Apostles – though they are just around the corner.

How to get to Gibson Steps:

For a more scenic route – walk from the 12 Apostles carpark. Stroll along a 1.1km section of the Great Ocean Walk. This famous walk runs parallel to the Great Ocean Road and is breathtaking.

You will reach the Gibson Steps viewing platform. You can take in the views here before taking the steps down to the beach.

Nearby attractions:

The 12 Apostles – but that’s a given. Chances are this is the whole reason you’re here. There is a little more to see in this beautiful area of Victoria.

Mutton Bird Lookout – take in the sights of Mutton Bird Island. If you are here in September, you are in for a show as thousands of bird’s flock to the island at dusk.

Lock Ard Gorge – site of the famous shipwreck of the same name. Historically significant but also stunning ocean views everywhere you look. Have the camera ready!

Gibson Steps Map