Uluru is the incredible monolith of Australian travel: a gigantic red rock that seems to jump out of the desert earth below.

Uluru Tour

A venture to Uluru is an Aussie travel rite of passage, a journey to the heart of the country’s natural beauty and Indigenous heritage, with plenty of majestic beauty to complete the experience!

Can you do Uluru without a tour? Yes, of course, you can! But in doing so, you’ll be missing out on so much of the history and wonder that makes a journey there so worthwhile.

Taking part in an Uluru tour allows you to learn so much more about this surreal sandstone formation in ways that you simply can’t when traversing it alone.

So, what are some of the mesmerising tours that take place at Uluru? And why do they make it so much better than going it alone?

Uluru Sunset Tour


Adults: $72
Children: $39


Departing just before the magical sunset hour, this glittering tour takes you to see the marvellous Uluru as the sun does its magnificent dance with the rock. The reds, golds, purples and blues that paint the night sky and dance off the rock below are a true natural joy, not to mention the tour is complete with sparkling wine and tasty treats!

Uluru Sunrise & Kata Tjuta Tour


Adults: $149
Children: $77 (2 – 15 years old)


This unforgettable sunrise tour takes you to see both the wondrous Uluru and the equally-stunning Kata Tjuta – a series of giant oblong formations situated a few kilometres from Uluru. Arriving at the rock at sunrise, you will watch as it turns from a giant blot in the twilight sky into the iconic red monolith that has stood for millions of years. Next, you will be taken to see the amazing Kata Tjuta, complete with a walk through the Walpa Gorge, home to many of the region’s native flora and fauna.

1 Day Uluru Tour from Uluru


Adult: $245
Child: $185 (2-15 years old – children under 2 are not permitted on this tour)


This all-encompassing tour takes you not only to see the amazing Uluru but also the other sacred sites that surround the rock, including the stunning Kata Tjuta, tranquil Mutitjulu Waterhole and more, all whilst learning fascinating stories of creation from the Anangu people, the traditional custodians of the land.

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