From incredible landscapes to delicious seafood, Eyre Peninsula is a relaxing getaway for all

Set along the balmy, rugged coast of South Australia, the Eyre Peninsula brings visitors a taste of the sea, with a huge seafood industry and plenty of water-based activities to get stuck into. On our 6 day Eyre Peninsula and Flinders Range tour, you can get to grips with everything the area offers, whether you fancy getting an adrenalin kick and diving with sharks or simply want to sit back and relax with a mouth-watering seafood dish overlooking the ocean.

Named after the explorer Edward John Eyre, the Peninsula is packed full of beautiful views. We’ve put together a list of some of the best things you can do while in the area.

Fun Things to Do in the Eyre Peninsula

  • 1. Eat Some Seafood

    Now dubbed the “seafood frontier”, the Eyre Peninsula has shot to fame as a bastion of seafood restaurants thanks to its abundance of fisheries and aquaculture produce. Try some Southern Bluefin tuna or Yellowtail kingfish for a real taste of the south, and give your tastebuds a tickle with local Pacific oysters, mussels, prawns, and blue-swimmer crabs. Regardless of whether you are in the mood for a stylish restaurant dinner, or a local fish and chips tuck shop, the seafood on offer is scrumptious wherever you choose!

  • 2. Take a Hike

    The pretty coastline is flanked by even prettier parks. There are no less than three national parks in the Peninsula, all of which boast a network of walking trails that take you past high canopies of ancient trees and a rich smattering of local heritage.

  • 3. Explore the Underwater World

    The Eyre Peninsula is most popular for its collection of water-based adventures. Visitors can hit the waters with a snorkel to experience some of the colourful species that bask close to the shoreline or, for a bigger adrenalin kick, head out in a cage to swim with the region’s Great White Sharks. There are also colonies of Australian sea lions and bottlenose dolphins in the sheltered parts of the bay, as well as many charter boat trips that let you explore the ocean from above.

    Alternatively, you can do as the locals do and try your hand at fishing with one of the many boats that go out each day.

  • 4. Visit a Museum

    Artefacts found around the Peninsula, as well as remnants of the lengthy Indigenous heritage of the region, can be explored through displays in the National Trust museums. Check out the Mount Laura Homestead Museum and the Whyalla Maritime Museum with its nautical theme.

    The Eyre Peninsula is heaven for sea lovers, and after a day full of adventure you can tuck into a delicious meal made up of freshly caught seafood.

  • 5. Cage Dive with Sharks

    At Port Lincoln on the Peninsula’s east coast is where the world’s largest great white sharks call home. Diving cage options are available, offering you the chance to swim next to these massive creatures from the saftey of the cage! This is truly a once in a lifetime experience!

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