Before you head out to the outback, work out how you can deal with Australia’s notorious weather!

One of Australia’s key attributes known throughout the world is its heat! Renowned for having endless sunshine, perfect beach days, and a large amount of dry desert outback. The outdoors is the country’s greatest feature, home to incredible natural wonders that aren’t found anywhere else on earth-so being outside in the country’s climate is unavoidable when travelling around. But how hot does it actually get and can un-Australians deal with it?

The Region’s Climates

Contrary to popular belief, the country isn’t just home to continuous hot weather. Australia is pretty big, stretching out 7.7 million square kilometres, being so large it as listed as the sixth largest country in the entire world. Due to this, the climate in Australia varies considerably, with the eight states and territories experiencing a range of conditions.

Northern Section

The northern section of Australia has a more tropical influenced climate, varying from tropical to sub-tropical. Instead of the four classic seasons, this region of Australia has only two, the wet and dry seasons. The wet season is hot and humid, with a slew of tropical downpours and continuously intense heat. The dry season, although is a lot cooler, is still considered hot for travellers.

Southern Areas

The southern areas of the Australian are considered the temperate region, with the ocean waters playing a large role in the changing conditions. The area can get to the coldest conditions of the entire country, with the wintertime bringing herds of rain and temperatures between 5 and 15°C. The summers can reach high temperatures, but are usually dry heat, and are a lot more bearable.

The Outback

The outback is home to Australia’s most recognisable landscape, with the most famous, the red rock of Uluru sitting within the dry desert land. This is is by far Australia’s hottest part, with temperatures regularly reaching the high 40°C s, and the summertime continuously being a hot and humid climate. But it also can change to the opposite, with winter nights bringing below-freezing temperatures. The climate can be quite unpredictable, as it can either face yearlong drought or torrential rain.

Can you cope with the heat?

The simple answer? Yes! Each region may have its extreme weather conditions on occasion, but as long as you are aware of the jumps in heat or cold, travelling through Australia can still be a wonderful experience. Simple plan the right time to travel to each section of Aus, and make sure you pack for the weather!

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Cameron Ward
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