Find out why you need to be in the stands when the first serve goes up at this world-class tournament!

Whether you’re crazy about tennis or have no knowledge in the matter, the Australian Open is one of the greatest sporting events to witness. Tennis is one of the world’s most played and watched sports of all time, and the Australian Open Tennis tournament is marked as one of the biggest events of the entire season.

What Is the Australian Open?

The Australian Open is the very first tennis Grand Slam of the year, starting the world’s competitive tennis tournament mid-January. It is a part of the four Grand Slam tournaments, which are essentially the top prizes in the world of professional tennis. The winner of the Australian Open takes home a table-topping 2,000 ranking points, which is a significant haul given that out of the entire season of playing other competitions, the top 20 don’t even make that many points. Meaning, that this tournament brings the best of the best, battling it out on the blue and green courts during this fortnight of men and women’s singles, doubles, junior’s and wheelchair championships.

Where is it held?

The Australian Open is unsurprisingly held in Melbourne, typically known for being the country’s sporting capital. Melbourne’s sports culture remains unrivalled to other regions in Australia, dubbed the ‘Best Sports Tourism Destination of The Year’. It attracts a range of sports enthusiasts year-round with its endless list of sporting events on the calendar. However, Australian Open is undoubtedly one of Melbourne’s biggest events, as more than 780,000 locals and travellers attend this from the 14th of January to the 27th!

What you enjoy other than tennis

AO Live Stage

It’s not just tennis that brings in Australian Open’s visitors, with a variety of entertainment appealing to a wide range of folk. The Live Stage is the greatest draws, listed as one of Melbourne’s biggest parties! Hosting some of the hottest Australian and International acts on stage after visitors have had their fun with tennis.

AO Festival

The Australian Open festival connects you to both the tennis tournament and the city of Melbourne. Offering tennis action, pop-up restaurants, and a mix of fantastic memories and souvenirs to take away.

Grand Slam Oval

Grand Slam Oval is an exciting mix of live tennis viewing, pop up entertainment, and some of Melbourne’s best food and drink. The area will be divided into four decorated sections, paying tribute to the four pillars of the Victorian lifestyle, including the Beach, the Vineyards, the City, and the Chinatown. Stroll through each and enjoy the mix of culture while you get your tennis fix!

AO Sports Film Festival

Throughout the entire tournament, tennis fans can blend the live tennis action with a daily dose of blockbusters and documentaries that related to all things in the world of sport.

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