Wondering what to do in Australia during the long weekend? Check out our guide for some great options!

The 26th of January has many different meanings for the people of Australia, some thinking it as Invasion Day where others still use it to celebrate the Australian lifestyle. Regardless of your beliefs, there is no doubt that over this national long weekend that the country provides a number of incredible activities for you to join in on.

  • Listen to the Hottest 100

    It is known as Australia’s biggest radio music celebration of the year! Hosted by triple j-one of the nation’s most popular radio stations which presents the best new music from around Australia and the world. The fun of the Hottest 100 is that every Australian has an opportunity to vote for their favourite song of the year, with voting polls closing just before the count down! The radio station spends the 27th of January playing the Hottest 100 songs, celebrating each song and artist along the way. Many Australian’s plan their whole day around the countdown, organising barbeques, beach days, and epic parties to go perfectly with the top music.

  • Go to a Protest

    Australia Day is quite a controversial issue among locals, with every year more and more Australians deciding to opt-out from a traditional BBQ and instead protest the date of Australia Day. Australia Day is held on the same date Britain’s First Fleet sailed into Sydney Harbor in 1788, beginning the European colonization, which for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, was the start of the destruction of their people and culture. More than 100,000 people protest the date of Australia Day at numerous Invasion Day marches, with each year the number rising. Every single major city in Australia has a number of rallies, protests, and cultural ceremonies you can join in on to help this cause grow and eventually succeed.

  • Enjoy a Beach day

    One of the ultimate activities for an Australian long weekend is to head down to the coast for a three-day beach adventure. Folks set up tents, unpack in Airbnbs, or parked themselves on a hotel balcony-settling in for a blissful weekend away from their usual lives for an endless escapade of beach, beer, and barbeques.

  • Watch a Game at the Australian Open

    Join the thousands of people that head to the southern hemisphere’s only Grand Slam tournament, coming together to watch the best tennis superstars battle it out on the courts. Tennis isn’t just the only thing that is offered at the Australian Open, with a festival, plenty of food and drinks stalls, and even a live music event held after the game so you can boogie the night away in the summer heat!

  • Marvel at a Hot-air Balloon Display

    It is by far one of the most unique activities on offer this long weekend, with Sydney hosting the country’s biggest hot air balloon display early on Australia Day morning. Held at Sydney’s Parramatta, the event doesn’t just offer a fantastic hot air balloon spectacle, but 15 hours of non-stop entertainment for the whole family.  It is a day of pure fun, with amusement rides, live entertainment, kids’ activities, and a hub of delicious food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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