If you aren’t a vino fan-instead of wincing through glasses, why not head to one of these fantastic alternatives!

There is no shame in not falling in with the crowd, and disliking a glass of wine, as many turn their nose up at to a red, white, and even sparkling wine, preferring one of the many alternative drinks or no drinks at all. Hunter Valley is renowned for being predominantly a wine region, leaving many of these non-wine drinkers believing there is no attraction worth their time here. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, as Hunter Valley is home to an array of activities that don’t include any wine in the slightest. Take a look at our list and try to tell us Hunter Valley isn’t for you afterwards!

  • Satisfy your sweet tooth at the Hunter Valley Chocolate Factory

    Ever dreamed of winning a golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory? Hunter Valley’s Chocolate Company is the next best thing! Featuring a hundred different chocolate flavoured treats all made using the finest Belgian couverture chocolate, it has become one of the region’s leading attractions, gathering a legion of chocolate enthusiasts from all over the world.

  • Meet the locals at Hunter Valley Zoo

    You don’t have you go off into the Australian wilderness to see some of their most beloved local animals. Hunter Valley’s Zoo is jam-packed with a range of native animals, with even some international species mixed in as well. The zoo is family owned and offers you a more personal experience while you wander from one enclosure to the next. If you’re interested in getting a bit nearer, you can even book a close encounter with one of the animals!

  • Take to the skies in a Hot Air Balloon

    See the entire region of Hunter Valley all in one go as you float your way up above the clouds on a Hot Air Balloon. Head out before dawn and be met with an unforgettable view of the sunrise as you gaze down at the sprawling green patchwork below.

  • Enjoy a burger and beer

    What is better than this delicious combo? Head to Matilda Bays Brewhouse and enjoy an afternoon sipping on a delectable range of brews and ciders that go perfectly with the mouth-watering burger and chips.

  • Sip or shot some local liqueurs

    Why not something a little stronger? Whether you are a gin-lover, a vodka drinker, or prefer the sweeter liqueurs, the Hunter Valley Distillery is for you! The spirits offered here are truly unique, with flavours ranging from lemon myrtle to chocolate, to even a spicy vodka! Sip on a range and choose your favourite to bring home for your friends and family (or just yourself).

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Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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