Things to Do in Hunter Valley

As one of Australia’s most cultural hotspots, Hunter Valley is really a must-see destination within New South Wales. Listed on every wine-lover’s bucket list, it is a perfect paradise for those looking to escape from reality and enjoy an opulent lifestyle of wine, food, and countryside. Set within a patchwork quilt of lush green fields and rich farming soil, the traditional vineyards and high-end restaurants boast promise award-winning flavours and everchanging menus.

  • The Wineries

    Hunter Valley is home to some of the oldest vines in Australia, listed as a winemaking heritage region. Due to this, their wineries are legendary, with some established way back in the 1800s, and becoming a frontrunner in modern winemaking methods. The four winning varieties of the Hunter Valley are the flavourful Semillon, Shiraz, Verdelho, and Chardonnay. Semillon is by far the running champion, the region known as one of the best producers of Semillon in the world. Some top wineries include McGuigan’s Wine, Wynwood Estate, Waverley Estate, and Ivanhoe Wines.

  • The Eateries

    With wine comes food! Hunter Valley produces some of the best wine and food pairings around. There are countless restaurants, shops and factories scattered about the region. Folk can feast on five-star courses at Oaks Cypress Lakes Resort, nibble on delicious chocolate delicacies at the Hunter Valley Chocolate Factory, or breath in that stinky cheese odour when you step into the Smelly Cheese Shop.

  • The Breweries and Distilleries

    If you aren’t a wino, have no fear, Hunter Valley offers you alternatives! Matilda Bay Brewhouse is renowned for its unique take on beer and cider, offering hundreds to choose from. Want something a little stronger? Hunter Valley Distillery offers a range of delightful flavours of vodkas, gins, liqueurs, and schnapps. Taste test a range of these brews and spirits, deciding on your favourite drink to purchase for your family and friends (or just keep it for yourself)!

  • The Wildlife

    Despite the indulgences of Hunter Valley typically being in more demand for travellers, the natural beauty of the region is still worthwhile. Native animals and lush plant life scatter the region, with large bush areas bordering the sprawling fields. Folk can trek along the bush track for a chance to see the fantastic range of natives in Hunter Valley, spotting the unique reptiles, marsupials, and birdlife of Australia. If you have no luck with spotting a wild animal, head to the Hunter Valley Zoo for a guaranteed sighting. A wonderful activity for families and a great way to experience some of the local wildlife up close. Seeing koalas, hand-feeding kangaroos, and seeing even a couple exotic animals such as lions, cheetahs, and ring-tailed lemurs.

  • The Scenery

    Your tastebuds aren’t the only thing that’ll thank you when visiting Hunter Valley, as your eyes will be rewarded with a wonderous display of beauty. Home to sprawling green hills, lush fields of vineyards and cattle, and picture-perfect bushland scattered about! Ogle the Australian countryside and see the stunning patchwork fields and old vineyards while you walk or cycle the region. Head to the Hunter Valley Gardens for 60 acres of lush greenery, with the area boasting sweet-scented rose gardens, unique Oriental Gardens, or an enchanting storybook garden. One of the best ways to see all Hunter Valley’s scenery in one go is on the popular Hot Air Balloon rides. Wake up at the crack of dawn and soar high above the clouds! Marvelling at the beautiful, bucolic landscapes of the region as you fly above the valleys and rolling mist-cloaked hills. Seeing the area wake up and illuminate from the soft orange glow of the sunrise!