Things to Do in Hunter Valley

The opulent lifestyle of The Hunter Valley entices visitors from all around. Amongst the patchwork quilt of lush green fields and rich farming soil, traditional vineyards promise local flavours, up-and-coming breweries serve fine ales, and high-end restaurants boast menus filled with seasonal dishes and decadent flavours.

Featuring some of the oldest vines in Australia, the Hunter Valley was made famous by its winemaking heritage – think flavourful Semillon, shiraz, and Chardonnay. In recent years, the region has pledged to advance the winemaking industry, bringing on board a host of new generation winemakers who are pressing hard to evolve the industry to align with modern desires.

When you’re not sipping a glass of tipple or tucking into a platter of local meats and cheeses, the Hunter Valley is the perfect place to ogle the Australian countryside – take a hot air balloon ride above the quilted scenery, take a stroll amongst the vines, and ride horses through the lush expanse of walking trails.

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