Inland, majestic rivers wind through leafy scenery, carving ancient tracks through the magical landscape of the North Coast.

North Coast, New South Wales

Near the coastline, pristine beaches lay lazily in a show of golden sands and shimmering waters. Here, there is something for everyone, including serious waves for keen surfers, beautiful beach walks, and a handful of national parks and nature reserves for those looking to get out and about in Australia’s natural beauty.

For the more adventurous traveller, the undulating sand dunes of Stockton Beach are the perfect place to indulge in a bouncy 4WD experience, and the Solitary Islands Marine Park is ideal for snorkelers who want to explore the rich underwater world.

Other encounters include hiking through ancient forests in national parks like the Dorrigo and the Yuraygir, where native wildlife roams free and vibrant plant species create a stunning backdrop, and watching humpback whales carve their way through the waves just off the coast.

The NSW North Coast offers an abundance of exciting adventure and pristine natural landscape, so what are some of the spectacular experiences that await you in this gorgeous part of Oz?

Port Stephens

Port Stephens is revered as something of perfect harmony between buzzing town and natural wonderland, with plenty to see and do in town, on the dunes and in the water!

Start your adventure by climbing aboard a bottlenose dolphin watching cruise. Here, you will get to see these lively and intelligent creatures frollicking in their element, as well as a host of other marine life that inhabits this wonderful area. Oh, and be sure to bring your swim gear if you want to have a dip in the boom netting attached to the boat on the way back!

Seeing bottlenose dolphins is one thing, but coming to Port Stephens between June and October offers up another spectacular natural phenomenon that has to be seen to be believed – the Humpback and Minke whale migration!

Every year, thousands of these majestic creatures head north to the warmer waters before heading back to the Southern Ocean later in the year. It is one of those rare natural occasions that truly make you marvel at the beauty of life.

Finally, after your natural spectacular on the water, be sure to hop aboard a 4WD and head over to Anna Bay, where the amazing sand dunes play host to some of the funniest sandboarding experiences in the whole of Australia!

Solitary Islands Marine Park

The Solitary Islands Marine Park is home to plenty of exciting and vibrant fish and sea species, with the famous clownfish and blue tangs being just two of them (think Finding Nemo). Not only that, but there are plenty of turtles and sometimes even dolphins swimming around its shimmering waters, making for the perfect place for snorkellers to chuck on their gear and see some of Australia’s finest marine life in person!

There are tours that leave regularly from land and you don’t need any prior experience to take part in one of these awesome underwater adventures.

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