Things to Do in Canberra

Canberra may fall through the cracks when looking at nearby tourist destinations such as Melbourne or Sydney, but it is utterly worth the looking into. Staking a claim as the coolest city in Australia, with plenty of culture, award-winning restaurants, and exceptional history.

  • The Architecture

    Inspired by designs laid out by architect Walter Burley Griffin and his wife, Canberra is like a work of art in itself. Open spaces provide visitors with the chance to explore greenery amidst the hustle and bustle of city life, while the impressive buildings hark back to yesteryear with their uniq’ue details and intricate nuances. For Burley Griffin, the aim was to seamlessly merge manmade and natural elements, a vision that was heavily influenced by the arts and crafts movement in the 19th century. The creative outlook on the city is reflected in its collection of museums and galleries, while a mixture of cafes, restaurants, and bars inject a dose of cultural charm. Circling the city there is a stretch of lush hinterland that is well worth exploring, with a collection of hiking trails and stunning views to be soaked up. For many, the main draw of Canberra is its architectural excellence – something that can be admired throughout the city.

  • The Political Buildings

    When Canberra is mentioned, Parliament House is typically the first image people think of. It is the symbol of the city and is the hub of the nation’s political action since it opened in 1988. Visitors can visit the building to see the history of the country, while also seeing live politics in action! The building itself is stunning, perfect for a breathtaking holiday snap at sunset. A short walk from the New Parliament building is the Museum of Australian Democracy. Once the home to the original Parliament, but nowadays, an informational museum that holds the history of Australia’s politics. Showcasing the past Australian Prime Ministers, past political rooms, artefacts, and more!

  • The Historic Attractions

    Just minutes away from the city centre is one of the country’s most important war memorials. Located in Anzac Parade, the Australian War Memorial serves as a shrine, a museum, and an extensive library for past soldiers. It honours the sacrifice of past Australian soldiers who have died in war, and to help visitors understand the Australian experience of war and its enduring impact the society. It is truly a must-do attraction when visiting Canberra, giving visitors a better respective on the history of Australia. Afterwards, folk can visit the National Museum of Australia, learning more about the nation’s social history. The building itself is a work of art, nestled alongside the Lake Burley Griffin to offer visitors stunning views of the building and water. Inspired by a jigsaw, the style was made to symbolise the interconnected stories that shape the nation. The exhibits mainly focus on the Aboriginal communities of the region, the Gold Rush, and the Australian industry.

  • The Culture

    Set within the cafes, restaurants, and galleries of Canberra is the city’s unique culture. The diversity of experiences let travellers explore the region’s unique art and history, with locals eager to share the best of their city. Head to the National Gallery of Australia, and see Australia’s largest collection of art. It is an art centre, home to not just one, but 11 galleries on three separate levels of the building as well as a large sculpture garden. Works are from a wide range of regions, with the extensive collection beginning in 1968 and including works from Australia, Asia, Europe, America, and the Pacific. After exploring the gallery, you explore the adjoining High Court of Australia, with its fountains, Carrara marble-paved floors, and murals.