Things to Do in Port Stephens

Only a short drive from the bustling city of Sydney, Port Stephens is a relaxing escape on Australia’s coast. A sheltered harbour, blessed with near-deserted beaches, lush national parks, and a expansive sand-dune system.

  • Nelson Bay

    Nelson Bay, is the most popular township in Port Stephens, known as a main fishing fleet with a stunning marina and wharf. The town is legendry for its fresh seafood cuisines, and excellent whale watching spots! Spend the day cruising out on one of the many tours and ferries here, before heading back before dusk for a marvellous seafood dinner amidst the stunning sunset.

  • Sand Dunes

    The Sand dunes of Port Stephens are listed as the largest moving sand dunes in the Southern Hemisphere. Reaching impressive heights of over 30 metres with dramatic slopes of up to 60 degrees. It is a majestic landscape, offering stunning views of the entire region and beyond. Many travellers join in on quad biking, sand boarding, and camel rides, churning up the sand as they trek along the dunes for a day. Quad biking is by far the speediest way to get around, an exhilarating adventure by going from desert sand from bush to beach. If you are a surfer at heart, you can trade in the ocean waves for sand dunes instead, boarding down the great hills on your belly, bum, or even feet! If you prefer taking in the picturesque sights, camel riding can be a tranquil and marvellous way to see the dunes.

  • The Port Stephens Dolphins

    Port Stephen has no shortage on incredibly marine life, but by far the most popular is the beloved Bottlenose Dolphins. There are around 90 to 120 dolphins living permanently in the waters of Port Stephens, seen so frequently that they are a part of the local community. Travellers can see these incredible animals via a cruise or tour, with the professional guides telling you the names and habits of each dolphin seen. Otherwise, you can even see these animals via the docks and shoreline, spotting the pods roam past in the shallow waters.

  • Shoal Bay

    Shoal Bay is a charming destination in beautiful Port Stephens, home to picture perfect coastal views and unique wildlife. Curving 2.5 kilometres from Nelson Head to Tomaree Head, the region boasts sweeping views of the pristine inlet. The calm bay waters guarantee a relaxing beach trip with many travellers simply spending all their time in and out of the water. If you are wanting a unique sightseeing adventure, simply hop on a kayak for the day and cruise past bottlenose dolphins and more as you slowly drift from the shallow shores to the outer ocean region. If you prefer being on foot, walk to Tomaree Head and spot the koalas in the wild, even heading to numerous whales watching lookout points! It is the perfect place to get away from the crowds, with panoramic of the Port Stephens coastline and beyond.

  • Enjoy the Food and Drinks

    Due to its close proximity to the coast, its no surprise that Port Stephens if gifted in seafood. As no matter what style of eatery, you choose, whether it be a five-star restaurant or a local tuck shop, the seafood served here is fresh and delicious. To wash it all down, you can head to the bay’s breweries and wineries. Which offer a fantastic range of boutique brews and delicious wines! Take a seat outdoors and bask in the sun as you enjoy the local food or drink Port Stephens is proud of!