Guarantee yourself an unforgettable experience with Australia’s dolphins as you follow our guide to the ultimate dolphin encounter destinations.

Australia is known for being home to some of the most diverse flora and fauna around, and the coastal waters are no different. In Australia’s seas you can experience one of the world’s ultimate wildlife encounters; spotting wild dolphins. Hundreds of different species and pods frolic the waters, with each coastal region home to at least a few varieties. Here are our top picks of the best places to spot dolphins in Australia!

  • Moreton Bay, Brisbane

    Only a boat cruise away from the heart of Brisbane, Moreton Bay is renowned for its biodiversity. Made up of a total of 360 different islands scattered about the waters, your best chance for spotting dolphins in Moreton Bay is by visiting Moreton Island, where dolphin feeding is held every day. This large pod of dolphins are wild creatures, but they routinely head to the shallow shores of Moreton Island after sunset to feed on the small snacks the island resort staff feed them. Here guests can stand in the waist-deep waters, throwing out fishy snacks while the dolphins brush up against their legs. The dolphin feeding is a sustainable program so there is no need to feel guilty when getting up close and personal with these friendly animals.

  • Great Barrier Reef, Cairns

    When people think of marine wildlife in Australia, it’s likely that their first thoughts are of the Great Barrier Reef, which is home to thousands of marine species. There are around 30 different species of dolphins and whales along the Great Barrier Reef, with many frolicking in areas where travellers can easily snorkel in. Head out on a day cruise and spot the pods of dolphins as they jump alongside the boat. You can even plunge into the dolphin filled waters once the boat has stopped for an even closer look at them.

  • Port Stephens, NSW

    Located a 2 hour drive north of Sydney, Port Stephens is a natural harbour spanning about 24 kilometres. It is an unspoilt region bursting with pure white sand, lush greenery, and bright blue seas. One of the most popular animals to see in the area are the bottlenose dolphins, with around 90 to 120 living permanently in the waters of Port Stephens. They are so a part of the community here that the locals know each creature’s name and personality well. Head to the rocky headlands and along the stretches of beach to see these incredible creatures frolicking in the shallow waters.

  • Monkey Mia, Perth

    Monkey Mia is famous for its dolphin encounters, with the resort offering guests up close and personal views with some of the friendly animals! More than 2,000 dolphins inhabit Shark Bay, giving you once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunities as you cruise, kayak, or swim around the animals.

Now that you know the prime dolphin spots, head out and meet these friendly animals firsthand!

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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