Things to Do in Brisbane

A perfect blend of both city sights and natural wonders Brisbane is regarded as the city gateway to Australia’s tropical wonders. Boasting beautiful beaches and lush rainforests that border around city’s flourishing restaurant, bar and cultural scene.

  • The Culture

    Throughout town, side alleys are lined with independent galleries, trendy coffee houses, and local restaurants serving all manner of international and native fare. Elsewhere, parks stretch out, offering a green escape from the bustle of the city centre. Great boulevards are lined with historic architecture, showcasing the fascinating past of Brisbane, while lively nightclubs proffer a more contemporary glance into Brisbane’s growing hedonistic lifestyle. For days folk need to relax, there are quirky bookshops and underground gig halls to explore, where you can peel back the layers and learn more about the laidback city life.

  • South Bank

    Snuggled up against the Brisbane River, this vibrant, cultural city oozes energetic appeal with a booming arts scene and a whole host of attractions to keep you busy at South Bank. When the weather is nice, locals and visitors head to the parks, or jog, cycle, and kayak along the Brisbane River, a scene that adds a peaceful vibe to the city’s landscape. Lining the edge of the riverside banks is entirely dedicated to showcasing Brisbane’s luxurious lifestyle. Featuring a stunning boardwalk with lurid bougainvillaea, world-class restaurants and bars, and a stunning river view. The streets are forever bustling with people and pop up events, with live music, markets, art and cultural affairs all packed into South Bank’s calendar. For the summer days, folk can head to the man-made beach, sunbaking and swimming the day away right in the middle of the city. For night adventures, visitors can hop from one bar to the next, wining and dining at the city’s trendiest eateries.

  • Moreton Island

    After enjoying your time in the city, folk can take a break from the bustling crowds and sail out to an island wonderland. Regarded as the third-largest sand island, Moreton Island features stunning white sand, crystal clear waters, and lavish luxuries. The Island’s main Tangalooma resort offers guests a perfect day in paradise, with relaxing spa treatments, educational talks on the wildlife, and a range of facilities for unforgettable experiences. Sandboard in the sand dunes, snorkel the Tangalooma Wrecks, and even feed the wild dolphins in the shallow shores- no matter what you are interested in, Moreton Island is truly ideal!

  • North Stradbroke Island

    Affectionally is called ‘Straddie’ by the locals, North Stradbroke is another getaway from the city! Nestled 30 kilometres from the coast of Brisbane, the region is bursting with sparkling lakes, thick mangrove forests, and a herd of unique wildlife. Folk can immerse themselves in this tropical wonderland, hunting for the wild flora and native animals as they trek through the rainforest. Head along the North Gorge Walk and enjoy seeing not just the local wildlife, but one of the best views of the island. and beyond. Offering visitors a jaw-dropping view of the ocean, coastal bush land and beyond! Resting and refuelling at one of the many award-winning water spots, with five beaches and lakes to choose from. Brown Lake, although may not sounds particularly appealing, is actually a picturesque utopia. Simply named due to the water being dyed by the fallen leaves of the surrounding Paperbarks and Tea-trees. It is one of the best fresh water lakes you can visit, being a significant watering hole for the local Indigenous community.

Brisbane Map