The scenery to the south of Queensland is a diverse collection of mountainous landscape, sprawling plateaus boasting waterfalls and unusual rock formations, and busy highways that carve through lush countryside.

Mount Barney, the state’s third highest peak can be found in this region, promising incredible views and the chance for more adventurous travellers to get a picturesque hike under their belt. But this isn’t the only mountain in the region – in fact, the landscape of southern Queensland is particularly undulating, with the McPherson Range, Teviot Range, Little Liverpool Range, and the Blackall Range included within its clutches.

Elsewhere, the Springbook Plateau and the Tamborine Mountain Plateau add a dash of desert-style scenery to the proceedings, while desolate volcanic peaks cast an eerie silhouette to the surroundings. Along the coast, Bribie Island, Moreton Island, and North Stradbroke Island offer paradise backdrops, as well as numerous smaller islets that pepper Moreton Bay.