Things to Do in Fraser Island

Right off Australian’s east coast lies the extraordinary Fraser Island, known for being the biggest sand island and the only place where you can find a rainforest growing on sand! Let Fraser Island charm you with its unique environment, enormous sand dunes and crystal-clear swimming spots.

The Island’s original name was ‘K’gari,’ an aboriginal word meaning paradise. The local aboriginal community of this area were known as the Butchulla people. Evidence suggesting, they have been inhabiting the island for over 5,500 years. Europeans sighted the land in 1770, but the name ‘Fraser’ did not arise until 1836. Captain James Fraser and his crew endured a shipwreck to the north of the island, surviving the crash by swimming ashore. The men were marooned on the island, with Captain Fraser never making it off the island. There are two different accounts of his death, Eliza Fraser, the captain’s wife, stated the Aboriginal people murdered him. This contrasted to another survivor’s story stating the death was due to natural causes. To this day we still do not know the truth of this matter. Nevertheless, the island was named after the captain, known since then as Fraser Island.

  • Swimming Spots

    Lake McKenzie is one of a few perched lakes on Fraser Island. With pure white silica sand, which is not only beautiful to look at but feels beautifully soft to walk on. The water is said to have healing powers, melting away any pains or aches one has after a soak in the lake. This is due to the surrounding Tea trees. Tea tree oil is said to be a magical cure for a range of ailments, thought to boost the immune system and encourage blood circulation. The tea tree leaves fall off the branches and land in the lake, the oil from these leaves seeping in, leaving the oily water with magical properties.

  • Fun activities

    Journey to the striking beaches, such as 75 Mile Beach, one of the most popular beach spots. It is the longest beach in Fraser Island, known predominately for being a beach highway, with 4WD allowed to drive down the sandy shore. Speed down the shore and get your heart racing, skidding in and out of the shallow waves as your wind through the spraying sand.

  • Historic Attractions

    Discover the Majestic Maheno Shipwreck, found on Fraser Island’s shore. This island has many shipwreck stories over the decades. With rusty remains of ships scatter the beach and coast. Maheno is one of the more popular shipwreck sights, swept to shore in 1925 after a cyclone it. This rusting, decaying metal scrap contrasts with the stunning beach scenery. A great sight to see during sunset or sunrise as the colours light up the rusty orange.

  • Wildlife

    Visitors of Fraser Island may even get the chance to observe the native wildlife living on the island in the wild. Spot the dingoes running through the bushland or feed the dolphins at Tin Can Bay. Learn more about these frolicking dolphins at the “Discover the World of Dolphins” presentation at the Marine Education Centre.

  • Sand Dunes

    Seeing as Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world, it features a lot of sandy attractions! One of the best is the Sand Dunes, located on the east coast of the island. These massive dunes give visitors an unworldly lookout point of the ocean and island. Many visitors sail down the dunes via boards, letting them discover the desert sand region of the island in high speed.

Fraser Island Map