Being the world’s largest sand island, it’s guaranteed to have some of the best swimming spots around. Ranging from calming lakes, trickling creeks, to a beach dreamland.

  • Lake McKenzie

    This vast expanse of crystal-clear water is nestled in the centre of the island’s lush rain forest greenery, bordered by pure white sand. Known as a ‘perched lake,’ it sits above the island’s water table, meaning it never drains and it is purely made out of rainwater. This makes the lake quite unique as its high acidity within its waters makes it an unsuitable place for a number of plants and animals. Without the natural waste which would usually occur in a typical lake environment, McKenzie is left spell-bindingly pure. Get lost in the utter wonder of this lake which shimmers from clear, to turquoise, to deep navy blue.

  • Lake Wabby

    Visit the deepest lake on the island, featuring deep green waters, silky smooth sand dunes, and thick surrounding greenery. Unlike Lake McKenzie, this lake is a fish’s dream, with an array of marine life and plant species living within. Spend an afternoon snoozing in the sand, swimming within the waters, or adventuring through the forestland.

  • Champagne Pools

    Enjoy a beach day without the crashing waves! Huddled along Fraser Island’s coast is a collection of large rock pools. The hefty rocks sitting between the sea and pools block them from any the large ocean waves. With only a light amount of water topping over the rock’s edge to simmer the pools with white foam. This is where the name ‘Champagne’ comes from, as the sea bubbles are similar to the sparkling wine. The pools are perfect for families, as they are essentially a natural swimming pool, letting you float, dive, or soak in the crystal waters.

  • Eli Creek

    Eli Creek offers you a splendid swimming spot that allows you some fantastic scenery while you take a dip. The creek slowly trickles along, eventually heading straight into the Pacific ocean. One of the most popular activities for this creek is to float your way down until you hit the ocean. Drift along and look up to the tall hanging trees lining the creek.

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