Things to Do in Gold Coast

Australia’s sunshine paradise, a unique location where the stunning shoreline meets the sparkling skyscrapers of the city. Gold Coast is built for pleasure, offering guests a perfect combo of natural beauty along with a multitude of activities. Being a top destination for travellers visiting Australia, folk can choose to enjoy either a full city trip, a beach holiday, or even a rainforest adventure.

  • The City

    If you after a tropical city adventure, Gold Coast is the place to go! The days can be spent in the dizzying array of clubs, bars, and restaurants, with each tourist attractions having an astounding amount of choices for any kind of traveller. Head to the beachfront restaurants, enjoying the crisp sea-salt air as you wine and dine on the local seafood! Laidback bars serve delicious tropical cocktails that match the lively atmosphere of these bar’s seaside views. And those looking for a family fun day can head to the rollercoaster region, which boast countless theme parks such as Movie World, SeaWorld, and more! There is no shortage on city activities here, with the glorious strip of beach lined with chic events and tourist activities!

  • The Beach

    If beach life is calling you, the Gold Coast is perfect. Regarded as one of the best beach spots to choose from for your Australian adventure. Spanning more than 52km of golden, sandy beaches, guaranteeing plenty of space to sunbake and surf. Many set up in the spectacular skyscrapers nestled by the beach, enjoying the backdrop of pristine sands and lush landscape from their balconies. Strolling down to the legendary beach for a day of endless sunbaking, surfing, swimming.

  • The Rainforest

    But it’s not just hedonistic pockets of beach life that characterize the Gold Coast. There are snippets of calm in the form of intimate coves, chic stretches of glitzy sands, and a subtropical hinterland that boasts several national parks and a whole host of incredible wildlife encounters. Here, beach life meets Australian natural beauty in a show of lush rainforest boarding against the coast and city. The ancient Gondwana Rainforest is a magical utopia, boasting thick rainforest for thousands of kilometres. Folk can take a short drive from the city and get lost in this lush greenery, encountering unique wildlife, mesmerising waterfalls, and ancient formations.

    See the impressive Natural Arch, one of the ancient rock formations formed from a volcanic eruption 23 million years ago. This natural rock form is hidden within the erosive basalt cave, offering guests a mesmerising swimming spot to enjoy the fresh water and enchanting wildlife found within.

    Waterfalls are found throughout the rainforest, but there is no better one than Purling Brook Falls. Cascading down 109 metres into the lush greenery of the rainforest, it is truly a stunning spectacle. Folk can trek along the 300-metre walking track to see the Waterfall, finishing at the Warringa Pool for a perfect swimming spot!

    The wildlife of the rainforest lures many travellers to its greenery, with unique animals found no where else in the world. One of the most popular animals is found in the dark caves of Springbrook National Park. Folk can head here after sunset and see the gloomy caves light up in what looks like fairy lights. The lights are in fact Glow Worms, a unique creature that can naturally produce light to attract their prey in the dark caves. Folk will be mesmerised by the ceilings and walls soft glow, creating what seems like a starry night amidst the closed off cave.

Gold Coast Map