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Journeying up the coast of Western Australia, you will discover many secluded beaches be blown away by the stunning coastal scenery. The small coastal town of Monkey Mia is no exception, with white sand and crystal-clear waters inviting you to jump in. But what the area is most famous for are the friendly bottlenose dolphins that come to the shore to say hello to visitors. Being wild animals, the exact time of their appearance and numbers vary, but you can usually find them there in the morning. The animals are protected, but you may be lucky enough to feed one of them under the supervision of a national park ranger.

Monkey Mia holds a special place in the hearts of Aussie travellers, so let’s take a deeper look into some of the things that make the reserve such a magical place to visit!

Shell Beach

Shell Beach is one of the world’s most astounding beaches. Why? Because it’s one of the world’s only beaches where shells actually replace the sand, building a miraculous shoreline of nothing but billions of tiny shells.

The beach stretches on for roughly 60km, with the endless shell flooring creating a gorgeous, porcelain-esque ground to enjoy for hours. It’s also a great place to swim and soak up some of that gorgeous WA sunshine!

Dolphin feeding

Monkey Mia is renowned partly for its bottlenose dolphin populations. For over 40 years, lucky visitors have been able to interact with these intelligent sea creatures by feeding them knee-deep in the beautiful Monkey Mia waters! You are more than welcome to feed the dolphin populace under the supervision of a specialist, but you have to avoid swimming with them.

Once you’ve finished your amazing dolphin feeding experience, take a walk up the jetty to catch a glimpse of the ocean’s other adorable and unique animals, like sea turtles, dugongs and stingrays!

Dirk Hartog Island

Dirk Hartog Island is the biggest in WA, and given that it’s in a region of such natural wonder, it should come as no surprise that the island is a haven for plenty of Australia’s most awesome animals!

A visit to the island is a must when in Monkey Mia, as it is replete with sandy beaches, scuba diving spots, fishing, snorkelling and extra special wildlife cruises. These cruises are so special as, alongside the island’s other water activities, they provide you the opportunity to see turtles, dugongs, dolphins and more in their natural habitat!

The beaches at Dirk Hartog Island are truly mesmerising, with that of Turtle Bay being voted Australia’s best regional beach in 2018. There is just so much to see and do on the magnificent Dirk Hartog Island, and you’re guaranteed an awesome time experiencing its amazing animals, sea life and gorgeous landscape!

It’s a true nature-lover’s experience

Monkey Mia and its surrounding region is some of Australia’s most beautiful landscape, replete with unique animals and beautiful coastline. Feed the dolphins, marvel at the amazing creatures and chill out some of the world’s most extraordinary beaches – the choice is yours!

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