The Gibb River Road in Western Australia’s remote north is a true Aussie Outback adventure.

Gibb River Road

The mostly unpaved dirt road covers 660kms between Derby and Kununurra, cutting through the unique red terrain of the Kimberly. Explore the rough side roads to discover plunging gorges, refreshing swimming holes and waterfalls. The vastness of the environment can be difficult to comprehend, surrounded by million-acre cattle stations, big open skies and never-ending horizons.

For intrepid travellers who have always dreamed of escaping almost any notion of civilisation – the Gibb River Road provides that escape. A trip out here is like stepping back eons in time, to a time where people were in shorter numbers and the land was unspoiled!

It could be said that the remote northwest of Oz is one of the world’s few remaining untouched wonderlands, and here are some of the spirituous adventures that await you in its prehistoric splendour…

Explore ancient gorges

Taking the backroads off the Gibb River Road is one of the most rugged and wondrous you can take in Australia’s great expanse. Awaiting you is some of the most beautiful, rustic and vibrant country the world has to offer, with plenty of stunning gorges to marvel upon and enjoy a refreshing dip.

Going “over the range” provides access to some five incredible gorges, each one containing their own unique beauty and features that sets them apart from the other.

There is the Emma Gorge, with its plummeting waterfall surrounded by fertile greenery. This is a true oasis in the middle of a hot, hot part of the world, and its deep pool makes for a perfect place to treat yourself to some very well-earned refreshment.

Then there is the Bell Gorge, with its red, rocky hills framing the beauty of the natural pool and tiered waterfall. This is one of the most picturesque spots in the whole of the Kimberly to relax, frolic and simply bask in the unspoiled wonder that is northwest Australia!

Traverse national parks

The land surrounding the Gibb River Road isn’t short of expansive national parks – it’s just up to you to choose which one (or few) you want to trek along! First, there is Dimalurru, or Tunnel Creek, a wondrous cave that flows through the Napier Range.

Here, you can traverse the awe-inspiring tunnel, whilst wading through gorgeous freshwater pools, checking out the stalactites and stalagmites along the way. The cave is also home to a variety of native animals including freshwater crocs, olive pythons and bats, making for a truly exciting experience with some of Australia’s most ghoulish creatures.

Then, be sure to head over to Mitchell Falls and the Mitchell River National Park. The falls themselves are an incredible four-tiered monolith, and easily one of the most amazing waterfalls in Australia (if not the world!). For those of you who want to experience the falls in one great, all-encompassing vision, you can even take scenic flights in February and March – it’s truly an unforgettable way to experience this spectacular natural landmark!

Explore the Gibb River Road from Perth or Broome

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