Head a few hours north of Perth and you will find yourself surrounded by a dramatic landscape of impressive gorges, unique rock formations and bizarre termite mounds.

Kalbarri National Park

Kalbarri National Park offers a taste of the rugged terrain you will find in this vast, remote corner of Australia. The Murchison River flows across the park, cutting through the dramatic sandstone cliffs and providing stunning photo opportunities. Explore the area with short walks to lookouts along the river gorge at the Loop and Z-Bend, and view the spectacular landscape through the unique perspective of Nature’s Window rock formation.

The Kalbarri National Park is one of Australia’s truly untouched gems, a wonderland of surreal rock formations, towering cliff tops, pristine waterways and an unforgettable skywalk.

Let’s take a look at some of the wonders that make this national park such a unique place to visit in Oz!

Nature’s Window

This superb testament to nature’s force overtime is as magnificent as it is surreal. A massive opening in a sandstone perch that formed over countless years of erosion, Nature’s Window is a wonderful spot to catch an immaculate view of the Murchison River below.

The Loop

Kalbarri’s gorge system is incredibly stunning, and there is no better way to experience it than through the amazing Loop trail. This challenging yet mesmerising walk traverses sandy terrain and rocky outposts as well as plenty of vantage points to grab amazing views of the Murchison River. Just be sure to pack plenty of snacks, water and sunscreen – there is no drinking water along the track and shade is in short abundance!

Z Bend

The Z Bend lookout provides some of the most majestic vistas of the Murchison River in the whole Kalbarri National Park. Just a short walk from the car park, visitors are treated to expansive views of the river and the surrounding region. Visitors with a slightly higher level of fitness can also hike down into the gorge and get by the river.

The Z Bend river trail is a more demanding hike for visitors that are no strangers to challenging treks. This trail encompasses plenty of loose rocks, steep descents and even ladder climbs, so be sure to take care when taking on this awesome hike!

The Kalbarri Skywalk

This is truly one of the most spectacular elements of the park. This human made structure was designed to provide visitors with the most wondrous views of the national park, sitting atop a 100m high cliff top. Projecting right out on top of the gorge below, this unique feature gives you the sense of being truly immersed in the magnitude of Australian nature, and provides the best snap-worthy views in the whole park!

It’s one of Australia’s great expanses

The Kalbarri National Park, although somewhat isolated, is truly worth the journey for intrepid travellers. Enjoy some of the country’s most unspoiled natural wonder and delight in the incredible scenery. The national park is a unique Australian wonderland that has to be seen to be properly believed!

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