Just a few hours north of Perth on Western Australia’s coast, lies the Nambung National Park. Out of the sandy yellow dunes of this desert landscape rise the unique formations of the Pinnacles.

The Pinnacles

Their shapes and sizes vary – some tower over you at 7 metres tall while others have the spooky appearance of large tombstones. The eerie landscape gives you the feeling as if to be on a foreign planet, but if you need reminding you are on Planet Earth, you can look west out to the blue expanse of the Indian Ocean.

The Pinnacles is one of the mesmerising standouts of the Nambung National Park, but what are some of the other magical spots that await you in the national park and surrounding area?

Jurien Bay

The gorgeous limestone reef system adjoining the shore creates the perfect home for an amazing abundance of dolphins, sea lions and endless juvenile fish! Not only this, but the marine park is home to plenty of stunning eco-islands that home species of sea life that is not found anywhere else in the world, making it a unique opportunity for divers, snorkellers and swimmers to catch some rare fish in their element!

One of the ultimate places to dive and snorkel in the region is right off Boullanger Island, where there are some amazing spots for diving as well as a seagrass meadow on the west side of the island that is perfect for family snorkel tours.

Stunning beaches

Western Australia is revered for its amazing beaches and those surrounding the Nambung National Park are absolutely no exception. With the likes of Kangaroo Point and Hangover Bay providing some of the most wind-swept, sandy outposts in the whole of this magnificent state!

The region is renowned for its sea life, with bottlenose dolphins and sea lions being spotted at Hangover Bay. Not only this, but the area is great for boating and other water activities like surfing, windsurfing and, of course, the aforementioned diving and snorkelling.

Lake Thetis

The stromatolites of Lake Thesis provide a wondrous insight into what life was like millions of years ago. This surreal lake is home to bizarre rock-like structures comprising micro-organisms that are far too small for the human eye to see, and form these fascinating structures known as the stromatolites, similar to those found at the famous Hamelin Pool.

It is incredibly rare to find living examples of eons-old existence, so this is a must-see for science-lovers and people who just want an amazing day out in some unspoiled nature!

Not only this, but the lake is home to an awesome hiking trail that circumnavigates its sandy shores and provides ample opportunity to learn about the stromatolites as well as the life the region supports.

It’s where ancient geology & natural beauty combine

The Nambung National Park is a joy for nature lovers to head out to and view some of the most magical wonders of Australia’s stunning land. Enjoy giant dunes, marine life in massive abundance and ancient organisms in this most serene part of the world!

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