The Coral Coast gets its name from the rambling expanse of offshore coral that connects Korotogo and Pacific Harbour. It boasts a fringed reef that soars into the South Pacific Ocean and is edged by lush hillside.

Made up of several seaside hotspots, the Coral Coast promises excellent swimming experiences and the chance to indulge in some incredible water-based activities. In Monkey Mia, you can bask in the shallow waters and swim with the resident wild dolphins, while in Exmouth, you can learn about the fascinating history of this coastal region and try your hand at fishing for prawns in the calm waters.

For keen divers, Ningaloo Reef promises exceptional surroundings for getting to know the underwater world. Here, you can glide amongst a whole host of native sea creatures, including colourful fish, sea turtles, and magnificent whale sharks. Further inland, the Pinnacles provide an eclectic backdrop of quirky rock formations that stud the sprawling landscape.