Of course, you would have heard of the Great Barrier Reef, and most visitors to Australia wouldn’t consider making the journey down under without heading to Tropical North Queensland to visit this wonder of the world.

But did you know there is an equally amazing World Heritage Listed Reef on the other side of the continent as well? The Ningaloo Marine Park covers the 300 kilometres of reef that stretches along the north-west coast. But unlike the Great Barrier Reef, Ningaloo is a fringe reef, meaning the reef starts just metres from the beach and you don’t need to take a boat to snorkel amongst the amazing sea life. Plus, the remote nature of Western Australia’s north-west means you will enjoy the pristine environment without the throngs of crowds that descend upon the Great Barrier Reef.

Once in the water, you can expect to see spectacular coral gardens and the tropical sea life that call them home. Take a boat tour to deeper waters for the opportunity to swim some of the ocean’s most loved sea animals, including the mysterious whale shark.