Things to Do in Broome and the North West

Wild and remote, the spectacular scenery of Broome and The Kimberley allows visitors to explore the last frontier of Australia. Sprawling out over an expansive trail of land (that’s bigger than 75% of countries in the world), the harsh climate and sparse population prove the incredible natural beauty of the country.

Here, imposing coastline flanks the region, while further inland unforgiving deserts unravel in a display of cracked ground and dusty red scenes. Elsewhere, plains flecked with boabs provide an eerie silhouette, while palm-covered gorges offer a tropical show for visitors. But it’s not all severe backdrops, there are also plenty of majestic waterfalls tucked between cliff faces and jutting mountains that guard the surrounding landscape.

At the edge of it all, Broome sits at the bottom of the Dampier Peninsula, surrounded by the crystalline waters of the Indian Ocean and proffering a quirky collection of tourist attractions for passers-by.