Australia’s Golden Outback harks back to the goldrush days, when the region took on a wild west atmosphere. Today, it sprawls out in a diverse array of rugged red earth and soaring mountains that spread from Mount Augustus in the north to the pristine beaches of Esperance in the South.

At the centre of it all sits Kalgoorlie, a traditional mining town that’s surrounding by the Wheatbelt to the west – rolling farmland filled with charming towns. Kalgoorlie marks a good spot to explore the region’s wild west ghost towns from. Throughout the Wheatbelt, there are numerous granite outcrops, including Wave Rock, a colourful, majestic swell of natural finery. It is thought the formation was created 60 million years ago and has been streaked with colour through weathering and water erosion.

At the edge of the Golden Outback, the crystalline beaches of Esperance on the Bay of Isles surround national parks and an offshore archipelago home to penguins, fur seals, and a host of sea birds.