Journey to the remote Eastern Kimberly to discover the spectacular El Questro Wilderness Park, a working cattle station covering over 4 000 square kilometres of dramatic landscapes.

El Questro

Here you will develop an understanding of the vast space and isolation of this awe-inspiring region of Western Australia. Explore El Questro to discover a number of impressive attractions including Emma Gorge, Zebedee Springs and more. It’s a true outback adventure!

Let’s take a look at some of the amazing outback adventures that await you in this remote wonderland…

Emma Gorge

The spectacular Emma Gorge is revered as one of the most beautiful in the Kimberly, and travellers have the opportunity to experience its remote beauty with a number of unforgettable adventures that take place there!


What better way to immerse yourself in the beauty and wonder of Emma Gorge than with a self-guided hiking tour? The gorge is renowned for its giant cliff faces and towering scree slopes, with a gorgeous tropical waterhole awaiting at the end of the hike. This waterhole is at the bottom of a majestic 65 metre chasm with a tranquil droplet waterfall that trickles down into its lush waters.

Horseback riding

Want to really get off the beaten track? A horseback riding adventure allows you to experience the rough and rugged Kimberly terrain in the most outback way possible! What makes these tours so special is that you don’t have to be a skilled jackaroo to enjoy the tour as all skill levels are welcome.

Bird watching tours

El Questro is renowned for its vibrant bird population, with the likes of rainbow bee-eaters, dancing brolgas, sea eagles and the endangered gouldian finch all inhabiting the lush outback landscape. These wonderful tours depart in the early morning so that you get the very best opportunity to spot these wonderful birds in their element!

Zebedee Springs

Zebedee Springs is a stunning tropical oasis in the middle of the rugged Kimberly terrain, and it makes for the perfect place to have a soak and cool off after an awesome day’s hiking. Simply walk through a lush section of tropical vegetation before arriving at these absolutely immaculate thermal springs. This truly serene part of the Kimberly is one of the most magical experiences you can have there and is partly what makes this part of Oz so wonderful.

4WD tours

The Kimberly is revered as a 4WD haven, and El Questro provides ample opportunity to saddle up and take on the region’s challenging terrain! There are plenty of awesome tracks you can take on, with many ending up at stunning lookouts and pristine waterholes (but just watch out for salties!).

Scenic flights

You’ve immersed yourself in the Kimberley by foot, you’ve taken the 4WD to some of its most impressive points, and now it’s time to hop aboard a plane or helicopter to take in an expansive birds eye view of this most miraculous country. You will be truly amazed by the mass of land and its diverse habitats, taking it all in on an unforgettable scenic flight!

Explore the El Questro from Broome or Perth

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