What can we say? Wave Rock is a rock in the shape of a wave.

Wave Rock

An impressive 14 metres tall, the extraordinary rock formation has an important cultural significance for the indigenous Ballardong people. In a Dreamtime story, the Rainbow Serpent created Wave Rock as he dragged his body across the land after drinking all the water in the land.

Marvel at the sheer magnitude and wonder of this formation that is every bit as bizarre as it is majestic. Not only is Wave Rock a truly spectacular sight to see itself, but the surrounding area is dotted with joyous activities that can keep you going for days!

Let’s check out a few of them below…

Hippo’s Yawn

Another stunning rock formation, connected to Wave Rock by a one km stretch of walking track, Hippo’s Yawn is the second most visited site in the region. This series of granite boulders seem to spring out of the land below and create the perfect accompaniment to the much longer stretch at Wave Rock. The whole region is home to plenty of gorgeous flora and fauna, including an impressive array of birdlife!

Lake Magic

What makes Lake Magic so, urrr, magical, is the miraculous way in which its glistening waters change from vibrant colour to vibrant colour in different lightings of day. Lake Magic is just as wonderful to visit in the morning, when the twilight colours envelop the morning sky, as it is in the evening, enjoyed with a glass of WA wine as the sky casts sunset golds and oranges across the evening sky.

Wave Rock Salt Baths

This indulgent salt bath was built to provide calming and healing properties, and boasts even more buoyancy and therapeutic properties than the Dead Sea itself! This beautifully peaceful part of the Wave Rock region is made for you to come, relax, take a dip and chill out in the bath day beds. The pool’s buoyancy provides the swimmer with a sense of weightlessness that can easily induce a true feeling of peaceful euphoria…

The Humps & Mulka’s Cave

The Humps is a tiny 15 minute drive from Wave Rock, and it quickly grabs the visitor’s attention as soon as they approach, being a giant granite formation jutting out of the ground below. This unique land formation is perfect for exploring and contains multiple walking trails for you to take your time to meander around.

Adjoining The Humps is the super cool Mulka’s Cave: a cave formation that is steeped in local Indigenous legend. Once your eyes adjust to the lighting, be sure to gaze upon the hand stencils that are believed to depict women and children. These timeless artworks are difficult to date, but regardless, they make for an amazing site to marvel upon and wonder.

It’s a majestic part of the world

The stunning rock formations and unique sites of the Wave Rock region are a testament to Australia’s fascinating natural landscape. It’s simply an incredible place to visit, teeming with giant rocks, special caves and a serene salt bath, too!

Explore the Wave Rock from Perth

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