View the spectacular and picturesque Blue Lake which is actually a gorgeous blue!

The Blue Mountains has everything from iconic rock formations to majestic waterfalls and even a lake that is in fact blue! The Blue Lake is in Jenolan, right by the Jenolan Caves in theBlue Mountains. Originally the lake was a 1908 built dam that was part of the Jenolan’s hydroelectricity system, helping bring light into the caves and the hotel.

You can drive to the Jenolan Caves where the Blue Lake is from Sydney which can take between two to three hours. To best way to reach Blue Lake is to walk from one of the surrounding car parks. There may be road closures on the way, so it’s worth checking maps for any closures and other delays.

Another way to see the Blue Lake is by joining a Jenolan Caves tour that also includes the Blue Lake!

Can I swim in the Blue Lake?

Even how gorgeous the blue water may look, swimming isn’t allowed as this is one of the platypi homes! If you’re keen to swim in the area, there is a waterhole downstream at the waterfall that you’ll see along the Jenolan River walk.

How is the lake blue?

The lake flows through the Jenolan Caves which is made from limestone. As the water flows through the caves, it picks up any of the dissolved limestone. Then when the sunlight hits the dissolved limestone in the water, it creates a beautiful shade of blue.

What attractions are nearby?

  • Jenolan Caves

    The Jenolan Caves have 22 major caves, with 11 of these being show caves for you to explore and see for yourself. These caves are some of the most famous caves in Australia and are even the world’s oldest caves.

  • Jenolan River walking track

    This walk takes you to see the Blue Lake, bridges, amazing waterfalls, and even the Jenolan Caves’ hydroelectric heritage. The walk can take around 45 minutes to an hour and 30 minutes and along the walk, you may spot some wildlife like platypi and birds.

    You can do this walk all year round and it’s even better when you pack a picnic and enjoy the delicious foods while you sit by the Blue Lake.

  • Mount Inspiration Lookout

    This scenic view is close to Mount Inspiration and Mount George peaks. From the viewpoint, you can view these two mountains and also see the surrounding area.

Jenolan Caves Blue Lake Map