Things to Do in Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are all about grand landscapes and memorable encounters with Australia’s stunning natural scenery. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the region boasts an ancient narrative along with numerous unique landmarks and natural monuments just waiting to be discovered. Given its name because of the fine mist that exudes from the dense eucalypt canopy, the Blue Mountains have a magical quality like nowhere else.

Rising more than 1,100m above the foothills that sprawl out from Sydney, the Mountains form a sandstone plateau that is peppered with deep valleys filled with sweeping, verdant forests. In amongst it all, native wildlife potters around, bushwalkers explore hidden trails, and adventure seekers cycle through the rich undergrowth. Elsewhere, the fascinating Aboriginal heritage of the region is evident in the multiple rock engravings that decorate canyons and cliffs, and quaint towns proffer delicious food stops serving local fare and charming boutique stores flogging handmade goods and Aboriginal paintings.

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