Things to Do in Blue Mountains

One of Australia’s best natural attractions, the World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains is a must do sight when visiting Sydney. Covered in spectacular mountains, deep canyons, ancient forest land, and sandstone creations. Roughly an hour away from the city, it is a perfect day trip adventure away from the hustle and bustle to marvel at the natural wonders of the world.

Approximately 470 million years old, the Blue Mountains were transformed into a national park in the 1930s, resulting in the numerous paths and activities for visitors to do while visiting the area. The meaning behind the mountain range’s name comes from seeing the mountains from Sydney. As from afar, the mountains look blue. This is because there is covered in gum trees, which admit eucalyptus oil when basking in the sunlight. This oil mist reflects the light and therefore creates a blue haze within the area.

As the blue mountains span thousands of hectares of land, there is an abundant number of trails within the pristine scenery. Walking trails span from face ground strolls through the tree trees, to uphill hikes, crawling up large boulders and cliff tops. For a serene journey, kayak down the creeks within the region. Or to get your heart pumping, try out the many bike paths. Pedal along the path and clear your head amidst this peaceful atmosphere. All these activities offer trails for a range of fitness levels, allowing any of traveller to enjoy the Blue Mountains. Why not get your muscles working and try out some of these trails?

Blue Mountains is scattered with renowned attractions among the terrane. The Three Sisters is one of the most recognisable and visited sights. It is a sacred spot for the local aboriginal community, with the tragic Dreamtime story telling the tale of how these rock sisters formed. The story surrounds three beautiful sisters who started a war between two indigenous tribes. A spell by a witchdoctor resulted in the three girls transforming into the famous rock structures, never to be humans again. Visit Echo Point to see the incredible views of the three sisters and the Jamison Valley.

Whether it is a crisp winter morning or a sunny summer day, Scenic World is the best place to see the incredible Blue Mountains at its best. Scenic World has fantastic experiences, including the Scenic Railway, Cableway, Walkway and Skyway. Submerge yourself in the terrane as you travel along the scenic walkway or capture the breathtaking views as you are raised above the canopy in the cableway. Speed headfirst on the fastest passenger railway in the world. Or stand 270 metres above the ground floor on the clear skyway’s cable floor, taking in the bird’s-eye views exposed beneath your feet.

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