One of Sydney’s main attractions, Hyde Park has picturesque views with greenery and tall buildings.

Hyde Park is 16 hectares and lies on Gadigal Land who are the traditional owners of the land.

You may have heard of Hyde Park before, but have you heard of the one in Sydney? It opened to the public in 1810, later becoming the oldest park in Australia and a great meet up spot.

  • Chess Board

    Fancy a game of chess? At Hyde Park, there is a giant chess board you can use. Go up against your friends or family or even a stranger!

  • Anzac Memorial

    The 1934 Anzac Memorial is to remember the NSW people who served in WWI. In front of the memorial, the Pool of Reflection lies which is a still pool. There are trees that are lined by the pool.

  • Metro St James

    Looking to have breakfast while at Hyde Park? Metro St James has you covered with all kinds of cafe breakfast options that you can enjoy in the beer garden. Catch up with family or friends and have a coffee with views of Hyde Park.

  • Sandringham Memorial

    Sandringham Memorial is a circular garden and a shallow pool with a fountain that opened in 1954. There are also gates that became a memorial to King George V and King George VI. There are sandstone walls that read the king’s names.

  • Have a picnic

    Catch up with friends and family and find a shady spot under a tree for a relaxing picnic! Hyde Park is one of the most beautiful spots in Sydney to have a picnic, so bring along your snacks and picnic blanket.

What’s nearby?

Hyde Park is in central Sydney with plenty of things nearby. You’ll be able to walk to other attractions or catch public transport to get there quicker!

  • St Mary’s Cathedral

    St Mary’s Cathedral is an English gothic style church that opened in 1882 after the first St Mary’s Cathedral was destroyed by a fire. When the new cathedral opened, it wasn’t finished, but finally was completed in 1928.

    Head down to St Mary’s Cathedral on a Sunday afternoon for a free guided tour! Walk ins are available but recommended to book your attendance.

  • Eateries

    There are plenty of cafes, restaurants, and pubs around Hyde Park to stop at for a meal. For breakfast you can go to The Canopy, The Walrus Sydney CBD, and Knickknack Cafe. For a larger meal like lunch and dinner, great places to go to include Alpha Restaurant, The Gidley, and Alberto’s Lounge.

  • Australian Museum

    Australian Museum has everything to learn about and see from culture to nature and science. Right by Hyde Park, the museum is a great way to spend a few hours of your day walking around. There are free and paid limited exhibits throughout the year to check out.

Hyde Park Map