The Blue Mountains will continue to impress you with the landscape and breathtaking views.

Kings Tableland is a 1000 metre tall plateau in the Blue Mountains. One of the most popular things you can do at Kings Tableland is the Kings Tableland walk, which is surprisingly easy! The walk is about 45 minutes and you’ll see some unreal views like never before.

Kings Tableland history

For over 14,000 years the Kings Tableland has been a gathering place for the Gundungurra people. The meeting place was used as a place for the Gundungurra people to form connections with Aboriginal people from another area. The meeting point is also by traditional walking tracks.

What’s nearby?

Battleship Tops

Battleship Tops is located on Kings Tableland and is also a gathering place for the Gundungarra people. The rock formations are connected to the  Gundungarra people’s stories and rock art. Unfortunately, the rock art was damaged quite badly but has been restored as much as it could.

McMahon’s Point

McMahon’s Point is a viewpoint that is quite far from a lot of other attractions in the area but is worth the trip! It will no doubt be one of your favourite views overlooking the water and the Blue Mountains.

To get to McMahon’s Point, it’s highly recommended to have a four wheel drive to get up there! The drive from King Tableland to McMahon’s Point is only about 10 minutes.

Kings Tableland Map