Found in the Blue Mountains, Katoomba Falls is a magical waterfall and a must see.

Katoomba Falls is one of the many waterfalls and is the most popular one in the Blue Mountains. The waterfall is about 230 metres tall which includes a few plunges and it descends into the beautiful Jamison Valley.

To see Katoomba Falls, it is in Katoomba near Scenic World in the Blue Mountains.

The best time to see Katoomba Falls

Katoomba Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Blue Mountains. As with any waterfall, the best time to see Katoomba Falls is after a large amount of rain. After a lot of rain, the waterfall is fuller, making it more magnificent.

It usually rains the most between February to March and November to December, so try to plan your trip around these months. The Blue Mountains has plenty of other waterfalls, so make sure you check out a few more after Katoomba Falls!

Where to see Katoomba Falls

There are a few ways you can see this amazing Waterfall whether it’s from above or up close.

  • Katoomba Falls Lookout

    This is one of the best views you can see of Katoomba Falls and even the surrounding area. You’ll see most of the waterfall from this lookout and is easy to access.

  • Katoomba Falls Round Walk

    About an hour long walk will take you to see Katoomba Falls and other lookouts where you can stop and enjoy the view of the mountains. This walk does include the Katoomba Falls Lookout!

    Along the walk, you will see the falls from the distance and even up close. When you’re close you’ll see the upper falls and the top of the lower falls. So grab out your phone and capture some photos!

  • Scenic Skyway

    Scenic World is nearby, and you can even view Katoomba Falls on one of the rides. If you go on the Scenic Skyway, you will be 270 metres above Jamison Valley where you will soon come across Katoomba Falls.

Katoomba Falls Map