Explore Taronga Zoo in Sydney to see and meet a range of Australian and exotic animals.

Across Sydney Harbour is where one of Sydney’s favourite zoos sits. Taronga Zoo has a lot of different wildlife you can see during your day. Bring the family and spend a day walking through the zoo, listening to the different keeper talks, and enjoying some food.

Getting to the zoo

Taronga Zoo is across the Sydney Harbour from the Opera House and Harbor Bridge. It is about a 20 minute drive from Harbour Bridge towards Clifton Gardens. If you have no car, you can still get to the zoo via a ferry from Circular Quay and then a bus.

Wildlife to see

With over 5000 animals and 350 species at Taronga Zoo, you can see a lot of wildlife during your visit. From tigers to meerkats, kangaroos, birds, frogs, and so much more. To get a good look around Taronga Zoo, it’s recommended to spend at least three hours. Add extra time I you want to look at some keeper talks and if you want to have some food.

Keeper talks and activities

Throughout the year there are a lot of daily activities to hear the zookeepers talk about your favourite wildlife animals. There is also a selection of daily talks that happen during the school holidays.

  • Seals

    These fun and friendly seals love catching fish and going diving, which you can see at the keeper talks! At Taronga Zoo you’ll see the Australian sea lion, the Californian sea lion, and the long nosed fur seals.

  • Dingoes

    An Aussie favourite, the dingoes are the largest land predators in Australia, and you can learn more about them at the keeper talk. The keepers will tell you about how dingoes live and ways you can help them continue to thrive out in the wild.

  • Elephants

    Meet the small family of Asian elephants at the zoo! The keepers will tell you ways you can help the endangered animals and what they love to do during the day. Head down to the keeper talk early as the seats fill up quickly for this one!

  • Koalas

    Learn about the Australian favourite animal and why they’re picky eaters while you watch them snooze in the eucalyptus trees. Koalas sleep the majority of the day being between 18 to 20 hours!

  • Penguins

    See the little penguins (fairy penguins) which are the smallest penguins in the world! The penguins at Taronga Zoo were either sick or injured on the beach before being rehabilitated at the hospital. Now you can watch them as they all swim or waddle around.


Have you ever wanted to get close to a giraffe, meerkat, koala, and other wildlife? Now you can with the animal encounters at Taronga Zoo! You can feed the little penguins, capybaras, giraffes, and the meerkats. Or you can go on a private tour and get close to the elephants and dingoes, or perhaps cuddle a koala. These encounters do cost an extra fee and are age restricts on certain animals.

Where to eat

If you need a break from walking, stop by one of the cafes and have a meal or a drink. The Taronga Food Market has drinks, pies, sweets, sandwiches, and much more. Or for a bigger meal, you can go to the Saltwater Bistro for a burger, tacos, and an alcoholic beverage. You can also bring your own food and sit on the lawn or picnic tables and take in the picturesque views of the Harbour Bridge and the city.


At Taronga Zoo there are events that take place throughout the year. From a cinema experience where you can watch a movie at night to themed concerts like Christmas, New Year’s Eve events, and much more. Get in early as these events can sell out quickly!

Have an overnight stay at the zoo

Enjoy a unique experience and have a sleepover at Taronga Zoo! You can stay in a glamorous safari style tent where during the night you may hear some of the wildlife make noises. There will be delicious food, amazing views of the harbour and you’ll hear stories of the zoo.

Or there is the wildlife retreat package with elegant accommodation, a sanctuary tour, meet wildlife and enjoy some food. On arrival you check into your accommodation then you’re free to explore the zoo before closing, and then you start your sanctuary tour.

Taronga Zoo Sydney Map