North Head Lookout has scenic views of the Sydney Harbour and the skyline.

Almost 300 kilometres away from Sydney, Noth Head Lookout is in Murramarang National Park, with beautiful views of Sydney. You can come here for the gorgeous blue harbour water, the scenic sunrises and sunsets, whale watching, or for the Sydney New Year’s Eve fireworks.

  • Beaches

    Close to North Head Lookout, there are a few different beaches to go to for activities. At the beaches, you can enjoy swimming, have a picnic, or do some fishing.

    The closest two beaches are North Head Beach and Honeysuckle Beach. North Head Beach has golden sand with green shrubs and trees. Honeysuckle Beach is different with the black pebbles, shrubs, and cliff faces.

  • Whale watching

    Around May to November each year, there are over 40,000 southern right and humpback whales that migrate from Antarctica to the Pacific. You may be lucky enough to spot the whales making some movement in the water as they make their way across Sydney’s coastlines.

    North Head Lookout is one of the best viewing platforms to watch the whales swim by, make sure you bring your binoculars!

  • Honeysuckle Beach walking track

    The Honeysuckle Beach walking track is a short one to two hour hike. During the walk, you’ll see views of the south coast, look out for birds, and may even spot some whales. There are often white breasted sea eagles flying near the ocean looking for fish to catch. If you’re at Honeysuckle Beach, there are shearwaters and gannets at the sea.

  • Camping

    Nearby North Head Lookout there is the North Head campground. The campground site is suitable for tents and camper trailers and onsite there are toilets and a car park. It’s recommended to bring a fuel stove, and water for both cooking and drinking. From the campground, you are only a short stroll from the beach where you can go swimming or watch the sunrise and sunset.

  • Water activities

    North Head has some of the best boat diving sites in Sydney where you can scuba dive to see the historic shipwrecks and marine life. You can also go snorkelling or swimming at the nearby beaches to see more underwater or to cool off on a hot summer day.

  • Maloneys Beach

    Maloneys Beach is the closest suburb to North Head Lookout where you can get a bite to eat at Maloney’s Beach Cafe. There is also the dog friendly Hibiscus Close Reserve park with a beach and plenty of wildlife to see.

North Head Lookout Map