Things to Do in Jenolan Caves

The Jenolan Caves are located in the heart of the Jenolan Karst Conservation Reserve. The Jenolan Caves take visitors back thousands of years, and the caves themselves, span themselves out across 40km of multi-level passageways. Each of these passageways lead to a new story, or a new journey throughout the caves. The caves have a total of 300 entrances, which are plotted around the Jenolan River. The Caves are well known amongst visitors to the area, and are now one of the major hotspots for tourists to the Blue Mountains. The Jenolan Caves have been a major element of Indigenous history for thousands of years, in particular the local Gundungurra and Wiradjuri peoples. The Gundungurra are believed to have explored the caves until they reached subterranean water. They carried their people to be bathed in it, as they believed the waters had special healing powers.