The Rocks is situated right by Sydney Harbour and sits under the Harbour Bridge.

The Rocks has many historic laneways, the Harbour Bridge, and picturesque views of the Opera House that’s across the harbour. The best way you can explore The Rocks is by walking down the laneways or going on a walking tour. A great walking tour to do is The Rocks Aboriginal Dreaming Tour where you’ll learn the authentic history of the Aboriginal people in the area.

  • Sydney Harbour Bridge

    As Sydney Harbour Bridge sits above The Rocks, it’s only right to see the bridge and even do some bridge climbing. At a fee, you can walk up the Harbour Bridge and have some of the most picturesque views of Sydney. From here you see the city skyline, the Opera House, the harbour, and beyond.

  • Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

    The Museum of Contemporary Art displays a great variety of art that is not to miss while you’re visiting The Rocks. There is always something new to see with the different exhibitions that come through the museum every year. With five levels to see all kinds of art and a cafe on the top level with views of the iconic Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

  • Cadmans Cottage

    Cadmans Cottage was built in 1816, making it one of the oldest buildings in Australia. Cadmans Cottage is a sandstone cottage that is now one of the few buildings from the first 30 years of the colony. The cottage has four rooms and was used as a sailors’ home, police station, and many more uses over the years.

  • The Rocks Market

    Over the weekend, The Rocks Market is boasting with art, food, music, and much more. Stroll along and stop by any of the market stalls that are selling their own products. The Rocks Market has something for everyone, so come down and be part of the thriving market.

Where to eat

Some of the eateries in The Rocks have the view of the Opera House or Harbour Bridge, making your dining experience even more incredible.

  • Quay Restaurant

    Quay Restaurant has fine dining with rare and tasting ingredients and a bonus view of the Opera House from the restaurant. There is a six and eight course menu for lunch and dinners, with an option of a four course menu over the weekends for lunch.

  • The Squire’s Landing

    James Squire has a few breweries around Australia, with one in Sydney that has views of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. The Squire’s Landing has all kinds of flavoursome craft beers, other beverages, and menus with delicious food throughout the day.

  • The Rocks Cafe

    The Rocks Cafe serves casual staple foods with your favourite breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert meals. The menu has a mix of modern Australian and European dishes with a selection of burgers, pastas, and steaks.

The Rocks Map