Hunter Valley promises an opulent lifestyle amidst lush green fields and boutique wineries.

One of the newest editions to the area is Wynwood Estate, nestled along a stunning location at one of the oldest vineyards of the Hunter Valley.

The Winery’s Aim

The winery aims in making their product in the traditional winemaking style of this iconic area. Recreating history by producing quality with traditional winemaking using the old vineyards they have restored.

The Wines of Wynwood Estate

The winery has an array of wines to choose from. From fortified varieties to blossoms and everything in between. Focusing on quality, not quantity as they only make 200 to 300 cases of wine each vintage.

  • Grey Gum Range

    The light, zesty, fruity and sparkling styles of Grey Gum range offer visitors a fresh and easy to drink. This range can easily complement a range of different cuisine with their traditional taste.

  • Blossom Range

    The flowery blossom wines include a range of fruit flavours. With lime and lemon wines, sparking Semillon wines, and cherry Moscato’s. Promising a light and fun taste on those hot summer days at the valley.

  • Fortified

    The rich taste of raisin fruit creates a luscious full palate for Wynwood’s fortified wines. With a subtle aftertaste, this type of wine is perfect at the end of the night during dessert.

What To Do at Wynwood Estate

Visit the winery that is nestled in stunning lush bushland with spectacular views. It offers a cellar door, a wine museum, and a restaurant. They fill the cellar door with lovely ambience and promises an educational and delicious way to spend the afternoon. The Wynwood estate team is a passionate and knowledgeable group, letting you ask every question you can think of. Going through each wine and its process and origins, enhancing your experience and giving you a deeper understanding of the art of wine tasting as you kick back and relax with one of the exceptional wines offered.

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