Laugh yourself into stitches at one of Melbourne’s greatest festivals on offer!

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is one of the leading events year-round, being the third-largest international comedy festival in the entire world. IT is known for being the largest cultural event in Australia, hosting hundreds of both local and international artists. Don’t miss the chance to laugh yourself silly as you enjoy this fantastic comedic event!

The History of the Comedy Festival

Melbourne’s International Comedy Festival was established back in 1987, however, the idea of the festival began in the early 1980s. In 1986, the co-founder John Pinder, convinced the Victorian Tourism Commission to fund an international trip to visit other comedy festivals. After researching other events, he and his partners created the festival we all love today. The event soon spread out from just the Melbourne Town Hall, with multiple venues used throughout the city. When it first began, the festival would open on or around April Fool’s Day, but in later years it has begun in March.

What you can see at the Festival

  • So, you think you can Drag

    See the greatest drag acts and comedians on offer at this sparklingly colourful act. Coming back every year even bigger and better, hosting a bunch of brand-new drag contestants, as well as a few famous queens. Watch the group perform fantastic choreographed dances and lip sync through a long list of classic songs, each hoping to get through to the last round of this spectacular drag show. Hosted by the beloved Betty Grumble, who will decide which new contestant will win the festival’s crown.

  • The Comedy Zone

    These comedians are truly in the funny zone when they perform for you here. Offering wall-to-wall jokes from the youngest comedian superstars. These performers will include Andrew Lee, who will premiere his solo performance named ‘White Knuckle Airlines’, a dark comedy that has a range of twists and turns within it. Floyd Alexander-Hunt, will combine his quick charm with his skill with the violin, guaranteeing a truly unique range of laughs. Andrew Portelli, a local Victorian, will perform a smart and introspective performance by using his years of working as a criminal prosecutor. Tor Snyder, former travel agent and a RAW comedy State Finalist will also perform. Lastly, at the ripe old age of just 17, Elliott Stewart will finish off this event with his unique and hilarious view on adulthood!

  • The (Very) Big Laugh Out

    Head to Melbourne’s best outdoor landmarks to see world-class street performers and the best physical and musical comedy in the business. Stroll to the central Federation Square, the Main Stage, or even the Melbourne Museum Plaza in Carlton Gardens, and check out the stellar local and international performers. This is perfect for those unsure about the festival, as it is entirely free! Giving you the perfect intro to this hilarious and entertaining event! Get in the groove of the festival and check out these great shows before you get hooked and purchase some tickets!

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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