Barossa Valley sits comfortably alongside the greatest wine regions of the world, is known for its fantastic range of red, white, and bubbly varieties.

With over 150 wineries in the valley and over 80 cellar doors, the entire region of Barossa is packed with incredible wine. The area has been known for fabulous winemaking ever since its first European development hundreds of years ago. Here we have listed the top wines worth trying!

The Shiraz of the Barossa Valley

Shiraz from Barossa Valley is known to deliver some of the most powerful wine in not just Australia, but worldwide. The Barossa Valley is probably best-known for its shiraz, with flavours of ripe blackberries, dried currant and coffee and chocolate aromas. Undoubtedly one of the most unique flavours is the punch of tobacco, coming from the earthiness that’s prominent in the valley, a similar smell to wet clay. The popularity of these shiraz’ has been in development for decades, with the very first varieties made from vine cuttings from Europe. If shiraz has a bit too much bite for you, try out one of the popular blends. Blends such as the shiraz-cabernet are quite popular and high in quality.

The White Wines of Barossa Valley

The red wine usually outshines the white varieties of Barossa, but they are a fantastic choice to try for a refreshing glass! From a range of sweet styles to light and refreshing, to even elegant and dry, no matter what your preference is, these white wines will have you covered. The climate of the Valley is perfect for robust white wines, with the warmth of the valley floor to cool at the higher altitudes in the hills surrounding the Valley.

The Sparkling Wines of Barossa Valley

What better way to celebrate a weekend in the picturesque Barossa Valley than with a glass of sparkling wine? Most of the wineries within the region offer only one or two sparling varieties, focusing all their attention on the one brand to create the very best drop possible. The sparkling varieties are elegant and delicious, with each range of limited release! Perfect for a toasting glass to enjoy for any occasion-however big or small!

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