Things to Do in Barossa Valley

A patchwork quilt of farming fields, vintage vineyards, and charming towns make up the sprawl of the Barossa Valley. Known predominantly for its wineries, visitors come from far and wide to sample its delicious flavours and to tuck into local fare.

Covering just 25km, the Valley is a hotbed of culture, producing over 20% of Australia’s wine. Amongst the array of excellent wineries, there are a smattering of local towns that are imbued with a Germanic vibe. Dating back to the German settlers in the mid 1800s, they provide visitors with the chance to step back in time and experience the fascinating past of the region. There are still numerous remnants of the colonisation of the Barossa Valley, including Gothic steeples that jut skywards, and traditional stone cottages, not to mention the selection of eateries serving favourites like wurst and sauerkraut.

The landscape is not to be frowned at either, which is characterised by rolling hills, twisting country lanes, and plenty of extensive vineyards.