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Clare Valley

The Clare is a valley located in the heart of South Australia, about 100 kilometres north of Adelaide. The Clare Valley is known as one of Australia’s premier winegrowing region and home to more than 30 wineries, most of which are small and family run.

During your visit here, take the time to marvel at the village of Mintaro to discover the unique history of the valley and explore the diverse wine cellars to witness the winemaking process.

For a stunning view of the famous wineries of the Clare Valley, explore the O’Leary Walker at Leasingham. Here you can enjoy the spectacular views of the vineyards on top of a hill, with the spacious green lawns and a wide veranda for you to enjoy the spectacular views of what the region has to offer.

So, what are some of the wonderful (or winederful) experiences that await you in this most charming and quaint winemaking region?

There are over 40 cellar doors

The Clare Valley is one of Australia’s premier winemaking regions, right? So, naturally that means there are some pretty amazing cellar door experiences that you can get stuck into for a wine or five.

What makes the Clare Valley so fantastic is that there are an awesome array of cellar doors to choose from, each boasting their own unique charm and impressive drops of vino.

Some of the top picks include Sevenhill Cellars (growing around an old church), O’Leary Walker Wines (small batch, unique wine varieties on offer) and Taylors Wines (a fabulous array of award-winners).

Head down to a pink lake

One of South Australia’s most famous natural wonders is its series of pink lakes spread out across the landscape, and the Clare Valley is home to one with Lake Bumbunga. This gorgeous, bubblegum pink lake is made that way by the water’s high salinity index, and makes for the perfect sight to see in between all those tastings of things a little more red and white.

There is even amazing eco-friendly accommodation right across the lake with the Pink Lake Tiny House – it’s a pretty good spot to watch the vibrant hues change throughout the day.

There is plenty for kids, too!

Sure, when people hear “winemaking region” they think of the parents, or friends, getting away from the kids for a weekend of joyous, adult revelery. But the Clare Valley offers up plenty of entertainment for youngsters, too!

Many of the valley’s wineries are child-friendly, offering plenty of fun activities to enjoy whilst the parents taste some drops to take back home. Not only that, but the Clare Valley is home to the Mintaro Maze, a living maze with hundreds of conifers and fountains dotted throughout its paths!

It’s just a fabulous weekend away…

The Clare Valley has so much to offer, not just regarding its fine, world famous wine. Have a drop, have some awesome nature experiences and even take the kids – it’s good for everyone in the Clare Valley!

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