Nestled in the heart of the South Australian outback, the Flinders Ranges add an ancient silhouette to the landscape. Here, the scenery is made up of jagged peaks and dipping valleys that rise upwards to the north of Port Augusta and sprawl out for 400km towards Mount Hopeless.

The biggest draw of the region is the incredible light that bathes the scenery in a rainbow of colours. In the morning, the sunrise casts a pinky glow on the proceedings, while the harsh midday sun puts an orange spotlight on the natural monuments and mountains. By afternoon, the scenery is a dusty red colour so typical of Australia’s outback.

Amongst it all there are pockets of culture and history to be discovered. The ancient rituals of the Adnyamathanha peoples are still imbued in the cracked landscape, while sacred caves spattered with rock paintings and carvings clutch at a historic narrative. Today, a collection of villages, farms, and country pubs sit alongside these indigenous elements.