Nestled in the heart of the South Australian outback, the Flinders Ranges add an ancient silhouette to the landscape.

Flinders Ranges

Here, the scenery is made up of jagged peaks and dipping valleys that rise upwards to the north of Port Augusta and sprawl out for 400km towards Mount Hopeless.

The biggest draw of the region is the incredible light that bathes the scenery in a rainbow of colours. In the morning, the sunrise casts a pinky glow on the proceedings, while the harsh midday sun puts an orange spotlight on the natural monuments and mountains. By afternoon, the scenery is a dusty red colour so typical of Australia’s outback.

Amongst it all, there are pockets of culture and history to be discovered. The ancient rituals of the Adnyamathanha peoples are still imbued in the cracked landscape, while sacred caves spattered with rock paintings and carvings clutch at a historic narrative. Today, a collection of villages, farms, and country pubs sit alongside these indigenous elements.

The Flinders Ranges and SA outback is some of Australia’s wildest and most adventurous country, with plenty for intrepid travellers to challenge themselves with and have an experience like no other.

So, what are some of these inspiring adventures that await you in the region and make it such a magical place?

Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park

The Flinders Ranges are a nature-lover’s paradise, with people, towns and traffic in very short supply! It only makes sense then, then, that there is an abundance of incredible natural wonder to traverse in this most beguiling part of the country.

No such national park encapsulates this like the Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park. Full of dramatic scenery, including deep gorges and jagged mountain ranges, as well as numerous animal species, the Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park is worthy of any avid hiker to wander the land.

The ultimate highlight of the national park, and one that cannot be passed up, is the mesmerising Wilpena Pound: an enormous natural amphitheatre that covers a huge area of land surrounding St. Mary Peak.


Heli-camping is essential as it sounds (and as awesome as it sounds): you climb aboard a helicopter, it takes you out to a remote part of the national park and you spend an incredible evening and day in some of Australia’s most untouched, uninhabited land!

Heli-camping the Flinders Ranges takes you out to Chace Range: an enchanting part of the ranges. But, before you get out there for a clifftop feed and otherworldly sunset, you will be whisked over the wonderful Wilpena Pound and Rawnsley Bluff.

The Prairie Hotel

Many Australians wonder what it’s like to eat certain outback foods, but never take themselves out there to try them. If you find yourself in the Flinders Ranges, however, you have the perfect opportunity to try some of Australia’s most bizarre dishes.

Want to get stuck into an emu egg omelette? What about camel sirloin? Feeling something nice and hearty after a day’s hiking? The Prairie Hotel has you covered with kangaroo tail soup! This is the quintessential outback pub: strangely delightful, and a truly unique culinary experience…

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