Things to Do in Hahndorf


Nestled in the picturesque Adelaide Hills, Hahndorf is Australia’s oldest surviving German settlement. It was originally settled by Lutheran migrants, and their influence is obvious in the architecture of the town. Don’t get confused if you see references to Ambleside around the place – the town briefly changed name during the First World War, but was changed back in 1937. These days Hahndorf has retained its European charm and is an interesting tourist destination, with plenty to discover. Enjoy the food at one of the delicious venues in the area and visit Beerenberg Strawberry Farm for artisan preserves.

Let’s take a closer look at this quaint Aussie town with German flair and what makes it such a special place to visit…

Main Street

The first thing every new arrival in Hahndorf should do is immerse themselves in the town’s charming atmosphere. Being a settlement of significant Deutch heritage, Hahndorf isn’t short of German chocolate shops, cafes, bars, restaurants and architecture that reflects styles from Berlin to Bavaria!

Hahndorf Farm Barn

This is one of Australia’s ultimate family farms and a true joy for parents and kids alike! Better yet, it’s located right out the city centre, and has everything from lambs to camels, calves and kangaroos. Kids even have the opportunity to feed the uber adorable animals whilst also going peacock and wallaby spotting!

Beerenberg Family Farm

Beerenberg: we all know it, we all love it and we probably have a jar of its delicious relish, jam or chutney sitting in our fridge right now! But not only is Beerenberg a producer of all things sweet, savoury, salty or spicy – you can actually visit their amazing farm and partake in a heap of fun activities there! From November through to April, when the weather is just right for growing, kids can pick their very own punnets of strawberries whilst parents get to pick up a bunch of the delicious goodies that make Beerenberg so beloved.

Hans Haysen’s home

Long before Brett Whiteley and Howard Arkley there was Hans Heysen – “Australia’s first celebrity artist”. He and his family enjoyed a beautiful property located just outside of Hahndorf known as the Cedars, and visitors can now share in the tranquil surroundings whilst learning more about the artist and his works.

What makes Heysen’s house so special is the fact that it has barely changed over time, and it houses plenty of fine works from the artist and his equally-renowned daughter, Nora Heysen. Heysen’s house and gardens is a wonderfully peaceful escape from the buzz and excitement of Hahndorf, and there are plenty of works to keep you interested before meandering around the gardens.

It’s one of Australia’s most charming towns

Hahndorf is revered for instantly enchanting its visitors, and it should come as no wonder that 100,000 people a year head to this peaceful little town in the Adelaide Hills to get some fresh air, fresher produce and a little German hospitality. Be sure to take home some delightful sweets with you, by the way!

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