Sitting pretty on the outskirts of Adelaide, the Adelaide Hills bring a touch of nature to city life.

Adelaide Hills

While the nearby Adelaide plains are a flurry of cracked sands and endless desert scenery during the summer months, the Adelaide Hills promise a cooler climate with fresh woodland and crisp, mountainous air.

Snaking through the region you’ll find crisscrossing valleys lined with lush galleries and jutting mountain peaks – also known as the Mount Lofty Ranges. The region was founded by early colonists who used it as a summer stomping ground, building stately houses in the country that they could flee to when the weather reached its peak. Small towns pepper the valleys, including Germanic-inspired settlements like Stirling and Aldgate. Here, you can get a taste for traditional German life, where Gothic architecture reigns strong and bratwurst is always on the menu.

The Hills make the perfect day trip destination from Adelaide, where you can hop from cute town to cute town and admire the woodland scenery.

The Adelaide Hills is one of Australia’s most charming and tranquil landscapes – the perfect place for a peaceful weekend getaway. So, what joyous activities await you in this hilly region located right outside of the Adelaide CBD?


Everyone in Australia has heard about Hahndorf even if they have never been to this unique little town. Built upon its German heritage, Hahndorf is something more of a vibrant Bavarian town than something situated just out of Adelaide, and this is what makes it such a unique place to visit!

First, the town is dotted with German confectioners and restaurants, making for the perfect place to fill up on schnitzels, steins and strudels, as well as a host of super fun family activities, which we will get to below…

The Beerenberg Farm

Beerenberg is famous throughout Australia for its delightful jams, marmalades, relishes and more, but you may not have known that you can pay this awesome company a visit at their very own farm!

The best time to visit the Beerenberg Farm is in the months between November and April, when you and the kids can partake in an uber-fun activity: strawberry picking. After, be sure to stock up on a cornucopia of goodies that makes Berrenberg one of Australia’s favourite condiment companies – it’s all pretty fresh and delish!

Hans Heysen’s home

Hans Heysen is considered Australia’s “first celebrity artist”, but he preferred to live in the peace and quiet of the Adelaide Hills, in a charming property located just outside of Hahndorf known as “The Cedars”. Today, visitors can head out to The Cedars to marvel upon Heysen’s works and meander around the charming gardens kept there.

At the house, you won’t only find works from Hans, but also from his daughter, Nora, who would become as equally revered as her pa, being the first woman to win Australia’s most prestigious art award, the Archibald Prize.

A visit to The Cedars is so beautiful as it has been kept largely untouched since the Heysens’ time there, and is the ideal way to top off a beautiful afternoon in the Adelaide Hills…

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