Things to Do in Kangaroo Island

Stretching out in a show of pristine sands and dense forest interspersed with incredible natural monuments, Kangaroo Island offers a paradise filled with animal encounters and stunning views. It is Australia’s third largest island; set in the southwest of Adelaide. The journey to the island begins on the swells of the Backstairs Passage before finishing on the golden shores of the island looking out across the turquoise ocean. Although the name might throw you off, Kangaroo Island offers not just an island swarming with the Australian kangaroo but is an island bursting with all different attractions and activities.

It is the wildlife that wows visitors here, with an eclectic collection of native species, including seals, a vibrant array of birds, dolphins, echidnas, and the mighty kangaroo. But despite its magnetic pull, the island remains virtually untouched. Instead of urban sprawls and tourist resorts, it remains rural and underdeveloped, promising a natural experience filled to the brim with farmhouses, local markets, and endless countryside scenery.

No trip to Kangaroo Island is complete without a visit to its most renowned attractions.

Seal Bay is one of the most popular, a sandy beach area where countless seals inhabit. You can take a stroll along the beach, walking right alongside these amazing creatures. See the seals splash in the sea, laze about on the sand and rocks, or nurse their adorable pups.

If that doesn’t satisfy your animal passions, venture to the Flinders Chase National Park. This protected area is swarming with native plants and animals, a range of walks on offer to submerge yourself in the bushland. Visit the two impressive lighthouses sitting along the coast as well as the natural wonders that are unforgettable.

Within the national park lies the Admirals Arch. A natural phenomenon, and a definite stop at Kangaroo Island. Marvel the magnificent natural arch moulded by weather and sea spray. The island’s most impressive natural landmark, the spot is not only great for some unique formations but home to a seal colony among the beach rocks. Make sure to bring your hiking boots as the Admirals Arch is the starting/finishing point for many hikes in the area.

Another spectacular natural wonder is the Remarkable Rocks. Formed over 500 million years ago by natural forces such as rain, wind and sea, these granite boulders are unique forms, all ranging in sizes and shapes. Wander through these large rocks and marvel at the natural phenomena of Kangaroo Island.

On your way there or back why not spot off at Fleurieu Peninsula? Home to lush farmland, beautiful beaches, and delicious wineries. Have your troubles melt away here as you relax within this charming area.

Head here to experience the natural beauty of Australia, where island life reigns strong, and the landscape is a haven of wildlife, ancient trees, and exceptional ocean views.

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