Things to Do in Kangaroo Island

Stretching out in a show of pristine sands and dense forest interspersed with incredible natural monuments, Kangaroo Island proffers a paradise filled with animal encounters and stunning views. The journey to the island begins on the swells of the Backstairs Passage before finishing on the golden shores of the island looking out across the turquoise ocean.

It is the wildlife that wows visitors here, with an eclectic collection of native species, including seals, a vibrant array of birds, dolphins, echidnas, and, of course, the mighty kangaroo. But despite its magnetic pull, the island still remains veritably untouched. Instead of urban sprawls and tourist resorts, it remains rural and underdeveloped, promising a natural experience filled to the brim with farmhouses, local markets, and endless countryside scenery.

Head here to experience the natural beauty of Australia, where island life reigns strong and the landscape is a haven of wildlife, ancient trees, and exceptional ocean views. 

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