Kangaroo Island is a booming destination for wildlife and natural wonders.

Jam-packed with ancient landscapes, lush greenery, and ocean waves crashing on its golden shores. It is no wonder Kangaroo Island is one of the top destinations in South Australia. Regardless of whether you are travelling here for the flora and fauna, forestland, or beaches, the Remarkable rocks of Kangaroo Island are sure to peak your interest.

What are the rocks?

The remarkable rocks are the large granite boulders perched 200 feet above the sea in the lush Flinders Chase National Park. They are famous for their unusual shapes, their astounding sizes giving you a jaw-dropping experience in person. There is some rock you can even step into, with parts of the rocks hollow, letting you peer out from inside. The area around the rocks is quite clear, to the rocks create an iconic landscape that can be seen from miles away.

The formation of the remarkable rocks

The formation of these rocks began over 500 million years ago, long before humans wander the earth. At that time the island was a part of the island Gondwanaland, the massive supercontinent which contained Australia, South American, Africa, and Antarctica, to name a few. Once Gondwanaland began to be spilt, spheroidal weathering began. Millions of years of weather and sea transforming the large granite boulders to form interesting shapes and sizes.

Getting to the remarkable rocks

To get to the remarkable rocks, you’ve got to get to Kangaroo Island first. Hop on a ferry from Cape Jervis, getting dropped off at Penneshaw, a little town to the east of the island. To get to the unspoiled land at the Remarkable Rocks, you’ll have to travel for around 100 kilometres. You can join a tour, hire a car, or walk to the rocks to see the remarkable sights first hand.

The Best Time to Visit Remarkable Rocks

The best time to visit these incredible landmarks is during the sunset or sunrise of the island. You’ll get to miss out on the crowds (which is always a plus) as well enjoy the stunning scenery the sunrise/sunset creates. Watch the jaw-dropping colours bounce off the rocks as the sun rises/falls, creating an unforgettable experience. One of the best experiences when seeing these rocks is to view the ocean and coastline nearby. Take a look down below to the water’s edge as you stand at the side of the rocks.

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